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This away. The nobody is sitting chasing that finish. The. He's he's out. This is UFC on filtered. And now your hosts Jim Norton and mad, Sarah. Oh. Some good. That's that's good Java. You're going to do on day. Let the song play on here. Fades out. That didn't it's pretty cheats. Pretty catchy. We have a good show today. We hope we have we do have Alexander. Hernandez calling it. We've never spoken Alexander. But is fighting Cowboys Sironi who does not look the same with his beard? It's very strange seeing cowboy with that beard was older with the beard. Yeah. Like him better without him like two hens. I don't know. Do you think it's a good color tell you Alexander? The great in end is twenty six years old look at those apps on this kid and his lead to won his last fight. Mercier? Yeah. Wouldn't yes. All been mercy. I said that right? Did. Yes. I did. That was a nice fight, man. That's a that's a good fight. I it's always like right here. It looks like it's a tough eight for cowboy I do feel this a tough kid. But man, we count cowboy out the guy wins. I like I'm not trying to get him out. Sure. I think. I think he's a tough fight obviously for anybody. So well rounded, I don't see this kid getting caught in an online the way the mistake that Mike Pence jitsu looked high level. He what is he the Brown belts? I read. He looks good. He looks good on top and bottom. There was some. Mercy. I had some deep some subs at least had one Comoro, and it was titan had several bad positions. And he got out of it. And and here's a great gas tank. And he and he's very well rounded. So what a, you know? It's a great fight. I mean, not nothing. He star Star News. You know? And dude is tough. Yeah. So I what I say Dhanush done new Xiang client what she got it. Jimmy. I'm sorry thorough. So what? Just shit jokes was one of those jokes. I I didn't recognize Joe. I recognized Joe speaking shit comedy. I saw my buddy Deane Thomas was on. Joe Rogan's podcast was he? Yeah. You know? How was he a Joe does a podcast Joe is awesome ice only saw a little bit? You know, like I through the Paul where here my name, and I said..

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