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By Audi right now trending on news ninety three point one K. of BK as if they didn't have enough going on a Boeing deal to broadcast satellite suffered a major malfunction and may explode in Spain direct TV says satellite space way one suffered a major anomaly that resulted in significant and your reversible thermal damage to its batteries the satellite is owned by direct TV and eighteen T. the apps tictoc exploded in popularity last year with mostly fun goofy quick videos set to music think dance officer puppet singing about chicken nuggets something but now it may be shaping the political views of many of its mostly Gen Z. users those eighteen to twenty four years old the app has banned campaign ads to keep its light hearted feeling intact but the vibe is changing with political content now coming from its users tictoc exploded into a social media sensation last year by pushing light hearted videos of dance offs hedgehogs giggling and puppet singing about chicken nuggets now politics is putting that formula of frivolity to the test reporter Georgia wells at the Wall Street journal says tick tock has been flooded with political content in recent weeks much of it related to president trump's reelection campaign Georgia set this up basically come have gotten really big on tech talk and it's not a ball because when tech talk exploded across the U. S. in twenty nineteen it it became popular mostly on how the calories read like what the fun content into this new political content on tech talk is something that is not something that you sure sure that is from Wall Street journal's out Gordon deal this morning with Gordon deal and that was wallstreet journal's Georgian well speaking to this morning with him at the main risk to take doc is that the increasingly heated political content comments might squash out some of that carefree tone so you won't see those kind of videos as much but you'll see more of it infiltrated right a kind of political violence kinda using influencers to do that and they have the app is banned the campaigns are paying attention with good reason videos tagged hashtag trump twenty twenty were viewed more than twenty two hundred million times in the last three weeks in twenty nineteen and according to the app's tally post about democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders are in the millions as well if governor by random folk however the campaign are taking notice they're starting to think about ways that they could use that caught the delegate political discussions and they've also started reaching out to influencers to a really big on tech talk to potentially post content yes of the campaigns are certainly taking notice and know that tic tac could be a valuable tool to reach young voters forty two percent of its twenty four million U. S. users are eighteen to twenty four ounce insurgency will make up about one in ten voters this November according to pew research on the company says it doesn't encourage political speech but it doesn't for bid it either so there some young voters out there getting on tictoc giving their message with maybe in a fun light hearted way by still getting the message out there yeah I've seen it I've seen both like a pro trump and anti trump a tick talkers out there in the use music and cute little gaffes and everything yeah very interesting all rights could could have impacts the political process let's get out to a Bob Williams now get a check.

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