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These raises shouldn't be for naught. Come back this up to take the lead multiplier at derail. Mitt corden between them brown storm running on there in the final furlong in the center. The track combatant multiplier midcourt is fully extended between them. It's combatant justin front multiplier and met court combatant combatant multiplier combatant another win for horota's innis rates digging john sadler and the capture. Our sorry so it is either long weekend or eco town and they come to the wire shoulder to shoulder and throw it down eco town outside long weekend at the rail who's going to put his nose on the wire long weekend river born running on very strongly. It's got stormy in front river. Boyne true dollar at neck cher got stormy just in front riverpoint trying again river. Born god stormy rig. Ma wins that. Frankie carolina high crime is still the leader parlor alongside raging bull trying to find more likewise for war of will parlor puts ahead in front from high crime or of well in third raging boll fourth parlor is in front war if will still second parlor. Well raging bull late charge without parole at the line war of will. Maybe that's bound for newer up to take leave system. Takes up the chase outside. Surrender now then sparky between horses far outside murad khan assisgon takes off on the outside of bound for nowhere knows at no photofinish close number four sistrin i and here comes chasing after bound for nowhere bound for nowhere and leinster totally bosses running late center of the chorus bound for nowhere. Short lead. linnstaedter is right there then. Totally boss lindstedt. Her has struck the lead late. Totally bosses running on bound for whereas there at the line photo for the winter. The shaker town. That's close either lender or totally boss. Linnstaedter firsthand sparky bill shakes loose lusa length and a half wild man. Jack now takes up the chase on the outside further out his texas wedge in a driving. Finish chest as expected. Here's while man. Jack coming now after sparky bill spark bill resilient while man jack here this photo finish. That is too close to call number. Six wild man jack was i. He's against smoking. Decorated invader is asked for more. No word moves through down on the inside. And here's domestic spending on the outside along with colonel a So it's wide open here. It is domestic spending. Domestic spending has the leading shreds late running the outside from gluco domestic spending held by look highly outside grinding it out by nitrous nitrous eastern bay chimes very late to likud nitrous eastern bay three to line three way photo with a fractured francis. Memorial dash trainer. Mike maker doesn't have the success. That chad brown does many race. That's run on the grass in late march. As the world's shutdown maker entered zulu alpha in the panamerican figuring he'd take it with his class but maker entered another horses. Well named obama's boy who finished second stakes race in texas. The panamerican is number five on our list. Don't miss this ending with these. Two horses and mike maker as the nexus moving on zulu alpha. He's five light on the course and here he comes. He was second last he's now third a blitz to the top. Not at the inside. It's dumbest boy and galleon mass to run home from back and now the pace quickens upfront. Its current to take on spooky channel. Three widens zulu alpha on from back in kellyanne nasties four white for bravo then the paradise team of boy and go poke. The bear held up in traffic as channel cat as they turned for home the mile in one thirty eight and three less than a quarter of a mile to go in the pan am zoo. Lava up to challenge current for the top. Current is digging in on the outset. July for right alongside loosen charging. Here's pence boy a wild finish bama's boy one boy boys demos boy in a well judge right from wrong drew. They nailed the leaders in the deep strengths. In win the pen. Them as boy became the first runner for intimacy jeff to win a stakes race. Run at twelve furlongs. That would be it for him this year. He would not go post word again. Zulu alpha at keeneland. One the yell at what used to be hollywood park. The jets became the fifth. Nfl team to win outright as a seventeen point underdog the horse race that weekend. That used to be run. There is now run at los alamos and provided an equally stunning apple law in the low south futurity number four on our list. The fragrant red flag never factored but a horse named for an la sports stars sure did yet l. a.'s best known for its movies and a colt named for one of those stars was running late. So which was the winning bid gates from hamas they sleep around the bend and it's the great one in front via lengthen. Three-quarters from spielberg by western. Red flags on the inside. Spielberg is being able to move a couple of clear of red flags. Now being guided. Off the riots bonanza and petrucci our staking his claim down the extreme outside for six days left to go. And it's the great one still the leader by two lengths from spielberg gap of three or four lengths to red flag. Who has hoisted the white flag but rookie. Getting past him sixteenth left that guy when spielberg's ranging after the great one. The great one is the klingon as spielberg pros down by gauntlet. Spielberg comes at the great kwan. Photo head bobbing finish title the great one or spielberg. The winner is number six spielberg. That's thirteen future. Redes one by bob baffert including all seven at low sow willa seventh run for the roses. Be his next may for spielberg his first stakes win. Are the distance questions about him after this win. By his critics going to be allayed these four authentic cemented horse of the year with the derby classic. He was just another. Bob baffert prospect. We know that even a plow horse baffert sends to the haskell will finish first as every better expects but this year's haskell number three on our top ten countdown list had a wrinkle because authentic seemed to slow up when a victory seemed well in hand then suddenly. It wasn't what authentic end up here. The runner-up authentic new york traffic won't go away. He's trying hard. And dr post finding his best drive but as five to makeup authentic just breezing through the stretch opens up to lead up by three links new york traffic trying so hard and he s closing the gap down. Here comes that traffic authentic new york traffic finish.

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