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To attack that building to get to the ATM machine. That's inside the one will be identifiable from the video. So we're asking for the public's help in getting him identified. We can get him off the streets. Interested Fresno police Lieutenant Marquette's and says the suspects caused about ten thousand dollars in damage but took off on foot after the crash. Now anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call valley crime stoppers at four nine eight stop birth. Michael's KM changes pair of officer involved shootings in the old and south valleys overnight. The first ten PM yesterday in Madeira close to Cleveland avenue. Highway one thousand nine Madeira has a man with a knife was threatening them forcing opposites to shoot. And then outside of Bakersfield, Kern county sheriff's office reports that a single car crash at I five and NS lane around five AM this morning led to CHP officers firing at a man inside that car when he did not comply with the orders, countless fruits and not orchards will soon be in full bloom, and the Fresno county blossom Jerry will help draw attention to this annual event came to exact director, Don York, it just a few weeks. From now, Fresno county's blossom trail will be bursting with color. It's a self guided experience through the eastern part of the county that has blossomed into a big attraction Christie Johnson, Fresno county tourism manager tells us at the blossom trail ties farming and surrounding communities together, I think this is a time of year to stop reflect on important to agriculture and just the beauty of our area that we may not appreciate on day basis. The first do county blossom trail also attracts visitors from near and far everyone is encouraged to keep tabs and one of the. Time to see finally arrives read a four week period. It best of really top level of detail. So we get out in front of it. So this is the first boxes come. We can wrap people know, especially if they're traveling from some distance, and depending on the weather, the Fresno county blossom trail comes to life at the end of the month. Don York, KM J new of a Wall Street, the Dow down by one hundred and sixty seven points,.

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