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Kind of a borderline state during the civil war the the the Confederate army tried to pull it up he's into fighting for them hold on for a second timber at the bottom of the hour will come back and talk about your grandfather's headless horseman citing it will take final calls next on coast to coast AM don't forget to watch your TV show beyond belief with George nori just logon to beyond belief dot com coronavirus what you need to know doctors say there's some good news when it comes to fighting viruses the nutritional options and dietary choices we make can boost our immune systems international physician Dr Cass Ingram says there are health promoting natural foods herbs and spices it should be in everyone's pantry some of these natural herbs actually kill viruses one is a killer the other one is purported to sort of somehow stimulate immunity and what are they oregano is the most powerful then sage Cuman of all things cinnamon the oil not the powder and Bailey he goes farther than that herbal medicines and things like vitamin C. also stimulate or strengthen the immune response for more on strengthening your immune system naturally go to Cass Ingram dot com go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast that for all the latest news and information about corona virus local and tribal governments with budget shortfalls the White House is pushing for an infrastructure proposal the jump start job creation boxes Jared Halpern and Iran says it's launched a military satellite into orbit that satellites circling earth as tensions between the US and around run high since the U. S. drone strike took out guard general Qasim Soleimani back in January fox's Jill NATO America is listening to fox.

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