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So I feel like that is the fall back plan for for them, but it's getting in the mechanic. Sorry. Interesting. Interesting. You're saying you're saying. So let's tell me some other people that you innovative is. What I'm saying is when you go and share and you guys become friends you into hanging out is there's some people you've done where it's just kind of like skies and giving me anything. There's any what we're doing here. Like I had Mike Tyson on this show and he gave me nothing one word answers and all you know you're doing a podcast. You gotta give me something do. Yeah. Well, yeah, I've had. I've had. I've had bad experiences. You can't with those happy, you say like, you can't all be great like you've done. I don't know how many podcasts, but they to go. Yeah. So that's what you tell yourself after. Mumford and sons was was kind of a bad situation because I was going to Bonner. I was going to Massachusetts to go meet up with them, and it was so anyway, I was on. I was on the way to the interview, and my boss forwarded me us weekly Email saying that Marcus Mumford was expecting a baby with his wife. So I said, oh, that's interesting. I mean, it's not what I gonna write about. We're really, but so he got there and you have to kind of figure out what you're going to do with these people. And I don't like to doing forced an activity. These like bowling with somebody. But this they said, oh, he's out playing basketball. I guess it's something naturally does before you're gonna play basketball within. All right. It's a little weird to and just start playing basketball. We were playing. What's the game? Horse horse. Yeah, yeah. And. And. That I was, I played since like third grade and you're trying to remember how to play horse and think of the questions you're going to ask and then send to make things a little more comfortable. I said, you know, by the way, congratulations on. About what. And then I said, I heard you're going to be a dad, and then he just turned stone-faced and civil. That's just gossip, isn't it? I said, oh, okay. I didn't really know. And then he walked away in. And then as pub publicist that you shouldn't have said that, you know. Weiss because he, I think he's trying to keep his price slightly private, but I honestly just saw the Email and thought it was in announcement. I didn't know it was a secret thing so. So the interview was called off after that. But we meant when I went down to bonnaroo and spend time with them in the week later, and they had warmed up a little bit and he is a little more laid back. We never spoke about it after that. Never get any mentioned when I saw him and in kings of Leon was another weird experience because they, they're just so open about drugs and sex and every and the singer wrote about the senior talk to me about..

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