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Tickets with promo Code. Coke at six flags dot com. Hm? Oh, news time. 8 44. Let's see what drives like once again. Kierra, Jordan's keeping track of it all in the Dubin Law Group Traffic center. We still have a crash sitting in the Gore point in mount like terrorists South and I five bet to 20th, and that's enough of a visual distraction that it's leaving us with a heavy tribe starting just north of 405. That was spotted a new blocking problem in Seattle. This is going to be a stall that is blocking the H O V lane of our ramp from Swift Avenue to north and I five on the East side are Dortmund four or five on ramp from Northeast 30th. We have a crash air. It's partially blocking the ramp Self down four or five is going to be busy as you travel out of alder wood all the way state route 5 to 2 North found four or five has been heavy starting south of the Valley three way all the way into Newcastle, and then more delays that a factorial toward downtown Bellevue. Lighter, scattered slowing on north beyond 167 at a summer into Pacific and heavy from 180th to 405 flight slowing on north and I five approaching Highway 18 and again from 5 16 into ceatec. We're going to struggle in Seattle for mid Boeing Field to the convention center and north. Um 99 59 are still hitting the brakes approaching the First Avenue South Bridge. Our next Cuomo traffic at 8 54. I'll report this time is sponsored by pearls. Olives in the sunny yellow package. Summer is the perfect time for pearls. 100%, California Grown black, ripe olives. Girls. Olives gives your summer meals an extra burst of flavor. The for quality you can trust. Look for the sunny yellow package at your local target Showers this morning in the Cascade foothills slowly drifting to the east. But there are areas still rain coming down in many parts of central Washington.

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