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Been warned not to abandon hundreds of years of Catholic teaching to allow married men to become priests the warning comes from no less a figure than his predecessor at the Vatican the man known as pope Benedict's now probably referred to as pope emeritus but will still referred to him as Benedict I think let's speak to Christopher lamb Rome correspondent for the tablet a Christmas before we talk about the the actual case here which comes out of a an issue in the Amazon and getting more priests to reach out to rural communities has there been any at any comment from the previous pope about what's going on under the current pontiff all or how unusual is this intervention it is an unusual intervention because Benedict the sixteenth when he stepped down in two thousand thirteen said he would live a life hidden away in Pratt but we have seen in in recent the months and years an increasing number of interventions by Benedict the sixteenth which it's to go against what he said he would do in two thousand thirteen that was last year at a long essay that he wrote about the clerical sexual abuse crisis but certainly this latest intervention is the most dramatic one that he's made since he retired does he represent a fraction is he part of a group I mean we often talk about splits within the Vatican splits within the Catholic Church it is he's it is here a sort of a figurehead figure for some people he certainly eight think ahead for the people who were not happy with but type Francis and he certainly someone see by the traditionalists want Christian wing of the church as that man I would point out that sixteen himself has never wanted to be pigeon holed in that way he's someone who is a man of integrity and straight for person who doesn't really want to get involved in some of the church politics in the church games at the plate but he has found himself cool some respects us a little bit about the issue that this comes out of problems voiced by sort of Catholics in in Brazil that they think they don't have enough priests the way to get more priests which apparently they need is to relax this hard and fast traditional rule that our how realistic a problem is that in not only the I wasn't but elsewhere well it is a problem in many parts of the world with the lack of priests it is particularly acute in the I'm a certain way that some communities okay without the Mansell date the sacraments for many months at a time some up to use the time and so this recent gathering only M. as in which is not just Brazil but a false ways of of of lasting America the number of bishops a majority of them requested that the pope allow some married men to be all things to serve in those regions Klay amongst indigenous communities you have angle that right in home grown priests that they be able to into to bring the sacraments to those places and I think that was kind of an overwhelming consensus of the signal which is why this intervention from Benedict and cardinals sera Robert sarong who is the pope's let's G. chief is kind of a what was to come to putting a spanner in the works of the recess and they will be viewed by other people around pope Francis is as pretty unhelpful yeah pretty difficult to know what to do she comedy tellin exposed to shut up can you I mean that what it what what does he do he sort of sort of just ignores it carries on what he reckoned well Francis is been experts when faced with opposition inside the Roman curia in Rome his face logical position of well from just ignoring it people who try to place him in and and by tossing them I don't think he will say anything against Bennett the sixteenth in fact he's being very generous magnanimous to Benedict the sixteenth throughout his time as pope and Benedict is always pledged his loyalty to Francis so what we're seeing here is people who are opposed to Francis who want to drive a wedge between this pipe and but at eight sixteen yup okay thank you very much Christopher lamb run corresponded with the tablet on the continuing influence of Benedict's in the rain off Francis many thanks to Christopher Newsday BBC world service as a high level summit going on at Sandringham here in the U. K. today about the future that you can talk to Sussex the queen prince Charles prince William prince Harry they'll all be in the same room we understand the Duchess of Sussex will be on a phone line at some point from North America the B. B. C.'s real correspondent Johnny diamond joins us now I mean the same they must be so much on the agenda for this meeting Tony personal happiness the constitutional crisis which we will start well I mean we'll start with saying hello to each other because of course prince Harry hasn't seen his close relatives the queen his father prince Charles's brother prince William since he and Meghan since Harry and Megan made that statement released a statement on Wednesday here in the UK they have not met face to face this is the first time they will presumably they knew all the players knew that there was disquiet within the palace and they knew of Harry and Meghan struggles to some degree but any any of them thought it would be like this and they certainly didn't expect to have a statement published without any warning given to them or even the consent of the queen so they may as some sticky personal my I miss to kick off with and then they get what's been described as a range of possibilities put in front of them the civil servants and promised off of been thrashing out to try and work it out if and how Harry and Meghan can only fall from become a sort of semi autonomous unit with items to some royal duties to some private employment live sometimes in the U. K. if sometimes in North America at C. financial independence but keep that cycles and it is tough what from what you know of of of the stories you've heard in in the position your in coming out to various palaces all red lines on this it will will some people in that room be say you know you can go this fall but no further there are two things you have to do to be a royal to stay a roiling does he want to be a role you are the matter you know you get the one but if you want to stay a royal you have to serve you have to do some service to the country ceremonial service civic do you tease because you name it that kind of stuff the high profile stuff and you have to civil eight you did not threaten the survival of the house of Windsor or the monarchy through your behavior and values of the things that all the non negotiable if they stay in the royal family then they cannot bring the family into disrepute through the exploitation of the name of that Brendel that position that's the survival and they have to carry out some royalties these acts the service I don't know those are the things that need to be satisfied on the reputational damage issue do you think the trust has now gone all the all all not all humans simply because of the way this whole thing has been bounced out and out into the public sphere Claire you've completely put your finger on it the way this was done last Wednesday this declaration of independence just looms count that will have really alarmed people at the palace because they will see it as a sign that Harry and make an offer on man it's simple uncontrollable I'm whatever system is set up over the next few days we'll need constant supervision it's really difficult it may look like a couple of people just changing their jobs but it's nor being royal is different and the palace knows it and it will be very sensitive about what ever deal is struck to be a fly on the wall Tony diamonds thank you for joining us the B. B. C.'s royal correspondent or if your Lawrence's squarely in the garden going back to you we had a mold and we we had the Royals we've had the pope's we've had squirrels and that we've got my few Kenya with the school with the football is Sergio Aguero scoring his twelfth English premier league hat trick to help at Manchester city to a thumping six one victory at Aston villa yesterday which takes them to second place in the table but they're still fourteen points behind Liverpool and Liverpool have a game in hand as well couple of other hat tricks to tell you about from yesterday as well came in the confederation Cup the second tier club competition in Africa Carrie Melba carry scored three goals in nine minutes as for Sonya a good deal of Morocco defeated Ivory Coast some country three nails and Stanley dimmer scored three for Nigeria's Enyimba as they use paas power do of Algeria full one in about the other line from the confederation Cup Egypt's pyramids the first team through to the quarterfinals of the competition after a fourth win in a row on the groups that many thanks indeed Matthew canyon so about possible the royal summit coming up how would Johnson and his magmatic eruption phase so how are you going to any gun deaths it is my graphic could rupture now how are you going to impress us then come on a difference you can bet with any of that about okay nothing is exposing fears a billionaire wants to go to the moon for instance however let me talk about Boeing's new chief executive officer and he starts his job today's named K. Dave Calhoun he's taking over from the former chief executive officer Saddam not that difficult last couple of years Dennis Miller back and we can press has been absolutely full and very vociferous about to Dennis Williamsburg's severance package which is going to be in the region of eighty million dollars which is certainly very Holly but let's look ahead a little bit and talk more about Dave Calhoun who is this man who is taking over but we will find out I spoke to John Strickland of Janice consulting his what he had to say that when you guys being without waiting for for ten years his background however is essentially financial he's is what would she he's worked for a private equity company and some people looking at this point to say yes he is in the face of Boeing is keen to if I start a fresh from a tall but is it sufficient in unison is he the right man because Boeing has always been a company that is offered engineering prowess and his pre distance was mentioned a now that doesn't necessarily mean that you are the right one in a in a crisis situation about to run the company but I think you do need to be in touch with the engineering given the nature of that what you are manufacturing this usually two different kinds of chief executives you could sort of vision re expansion chief executives won't take a company in a particular direction and then usually have so the finance spiked at chief executives who about cost cutting in and so the trimming the fat is this a good time to have a finance guy wouldn't you want to mention it because the shoes quality control no cost overruns well I think that that is a big question because he's got an awful on his plate that comes down to the fundamental need to rebuild trust and confidence in Boeing in every respect tough to these two tragic.

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