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The mass pike westbound that's now been cleared Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the trees nine fifty four now are for data UBC accu weather update with meteorologist Jeanne divorce brought to you by triple a north easting forty eight or fifty miles from the close as the crow flies from Boston to Provincetown in the weather can be any more different I just looked at the camp there and there is a good solid coding to a half an inch almost an inch on the ground in Provincetown so the Cape getting ocean effects no meanwhile back here in the city it's all sunshine and should be throughout the day just gonna be cold candle upper twenties real feels in the teens this afternoon with a brisk breeze and then we'll settle back into the single digits inland tonight low to mid teens in the city Tamara close to thirty and then a moderates back into the upper thirties was sunshine Wednesday Thursday still looks dry low forties we've got a rain wet snow kind of situation brewing for Friday into Saturday thank you with a beer all just need to board WBZ bosses newsradio right now up in Gloucester it's nineteen degrees down a Plymouth twenty one here in Boston we've got a mix of sun and clouds the mercury said eighteen degrees when winter weather hits you don't want to risk getting stuck on the road that's why sixty million drivers rely on triple a to keep them on the go join triple a today at eight eight eight dot com slash join that's eight eight eight dot com slash join well after a career filled with iconic performances in a year starring into acclaimed award winning drama is Robert deniro was honored with the life achievement award at the twenty sixth annual Screen Actors Guild Gallup last night the outspoken prolific seventy six year old actor taking a chance to share some political view this right and that is wrong and this common sense and there's abuse of power as a citizen.

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