President Trump, Bob Woodward, Kim Jong Hoon discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Time seven forty six. President Trump disputes claims in Bob Woodward's new book that the White House is dysfunctional means nothing it's a work of fiction. The president says the book has been totally discredited and follows a pattern by Bob Woodward problem with President Obama he had a tremendous problem with President Bush, and the president says the book is the exact opposite of the facts reporter, Ed Donahue, says Woodward stands by his book and says all the quotes in. It are accurate. Nuclear threat from North Korea. Continuing coverage around the clock on WSB during talks with South Korea, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Hoon reaches out to the US is saying he's still committed to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula that he's willing to work with Donald Trump, and he has faith in him still as a partner quarter foster clue says the US has demanded concrete evidence. North Korea is disarming before it will meet some of Kim's demands, including a peace treaty. The FBI is under investigation for it's handling of dozens of sex abuse allegations against former USA gymnastics, doctor Larry Nassar, the last month and inside source tells the Associated Press investigators from the Justice Department's inspector general's office have contacted some of the victims who sexual assault cases were reported to the FBI. Jackie Quinn reports. Former Olympian Michaela Maroney claims the FBI concealed what it knew about Nassar and never contacted local police York City health officials say appears to ten passengers and crew hospitalized after arriving sick. On a flight for Dubai had the flu. Do the emerets flight was quarantined after landing at Kennedy airport Wednesday.

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