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About one of these guys. You've got my attention. And i love that idea. I i love the concept of a lottery ticket. Maybe they'll be worth so much more. And the investment lottery ticket. Is that times thousand. So like a euro player who they can who they see some promising but are willing to wait for. I like him. And you've got my attention. Who talking about. Yeah and i think given their roster situation it makes a lotta sense you don't you don't need to spend that money right now and you can. You can get an asset for the future. You know even if you even if you he never ends up playing a minute for the warriors if he ends up if whoever they took as a draftsman stash guy ended up developing in europe. That's an asset for you as a trade chip allie of other teams like what he's doing in europe so one one name that that i find interesting is an i and i'm gonna miss pronounce. These guys names the these second gas from europe But his name is rita somatic. He's a power forward out of serbia's six eleven to one hundred nine pounds. Twenty two years old It'd be kinda kinda of interesting if they ended up taking another big serbian project that they already have an smile gauge but smile on the roster. I think if they took barista he'd be a guy who would who would stay overseas for a year or two He's the guy who's not actually on mock drafts. But i've actually. I've actually talked to a couple of guys in the warriors for office. Who have him on their mock drafts. Who have them on in their top. Sixty prospects so he's a guy who they value more than other teams. I believe accept mercenary. Mcginn just the orissa borosage. So if you're listening to this podcast chances are you're a huge fan. You're anything like me. You'd like other people to know your huge warrior's fan drop that name. What a great chasm laid his show like. Oh i've been folic you guys might know about who the warriors are thinking that number two. I know barista. They're going to draft and stash on just just a case of friendly advice. If you may want to casually drop that name and you will come off as super impressive that i know that the warriors are like that are iden- this this guy or is it does have way too much time on my hands. I mean i wouldn't be looking credit for from you but if you do this for a living you are the writer so i mean it's impressive but it's necessary. I'm talking about the people who don't do this professionally. They will come off perhaps a little different presents. So he's he's a he's kinda you're you're you're you're you're total like mystery ball type type guy. He he has a lot of intriguing skillset. he's got some size. He's got catching suitability But he has not played huge minutes yet for his team in belgrade He he's a guy who's been on the news. Radars bro longtime he. He actually played at the two thousand seventeen nike hoop summit. I think a lot of people thought you'd go pro. Go go to enter the nba draft. Couple years ago But he just never really got the meaningful minutes approved so in europe But there's reason to believe that he could develop into a serviceable role player the next level if he's putting the right situation. He asked fluidity at.

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