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Why UAB? For all the reasons you outlined there and I don't want to be the numbers guy that every year there's a 12 over 5. And what I do hate is the next matchup we're talking about four 13. I also like the underdog and then you have to go all in on your underdog winning two games and take UAB there. I think Jordan walker can give them fits and that's why I think they'll sleep on by. I think it would be closer. It's the very least they're going to lose by less than 8 and a half points. That's how I feel. The UAB thing is that they're actually pretty big. They can play both big and small, like Trey jemison, is a kid that started to climb in and is now like a 23 year old or 22 year old starting center at UAB. KJ buffin as a kid that started it, Mississippi, if I remember correctly, was really good. I thought he was like kind of a sneaky NBA prospect at one point. It just hasn't quite developed that way, but it's still like a really good fourth year player in college, basketball. And then jelly walkers obviously just an awesome guard from New York who played it tulane and then transferred to UAB. So I am very interested in that one. I think that's going to be that's going to be a really fun game to watch for an upset. Yeah, a lot of people are picking this Chattanooga Illinois upset. I don't know, I don't quite love that one as much as everyone else. Can you make the pitch for me on Chattanooga? So I didn't do I watched their conference championship game and the thing that stuck out is that I knew he was there, but I'm excited for America's reaction to being like, is that Silvio de Souza? Like, what did we get Kansas? Like, how is he still there? How old is he? He was like 11 and 7..

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