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But it's a fascinating tale and again it's just one of those kind of yorkshire mysterious legends. You know see the pictures now. We're looking at these next. And now they're hilarious. Now but back then i mean you know. Prominent people were like. Oh my god. They're so real look at the the wings fluttering and you can see the movement and the oh. It's amazing so yeah. I don't actually know what happened. Maybe two it. Also it also reminds me of Like poltergeist accounts. Like this happens with You know there'll be there'll be activity reported and then people come to try to document it and the activity stops and people think well it never was happening in the first place and then somebody will hoax activity trying to convince the investigators that it was really and the whole thing is then decided to whole thing was a big hoax. Because it's it's that like you just said you know the make it to you. Fake fake it to you make it. It seems like pretty office. It wasn't the girls that faked the photographs. No it was. Yeah it was the girls do. Yeah yeah okay well. This is a really good job. Yeah he did a really good job. I was thinking it was you know. I mean they've never used the camera before they had developed film. I mean you know seemed like it was the dad. Did it no. It was a little girls because the parents like thought it was real. Why didn't actually say my tail but the the daughter of the keen photographer. She did know what she was doing. All right because she would watch her father so they had plenty experience developing film. I guess because. I mean yeah but they were. They were excellent artists as well because they are really well rendered. Yeah yeah that's Yeah do you. Do you think that they really did think. They were interacting with fairies and they were trying to make fake. That's what i'm talking about with a poltergeist stuff. In some cases it really looks like something was happening. And they're unable to convince people so they hoax some kind of proof right. Yeah no absolutely i think. Later in her life. I think part of me. I can't remember her name. I wanna call her. Elsie the the elder daughter She was interviewed as an older elsie. Right and francis griffiths believe this is for memory. But i think she she was interviewed later in life and she absolutely i think at one point she said oh no of course. We didn't see fairies. But i think at that point they were so sick of all the attention like this went on for the rest of their life. Like it families in lives like you know. There's you still see articles now. My parents got divorced because of the cotton fairies But i think that. Lc in the end. I wanna see on her deathbed just to make it sound cool but she did absolutely say no we did. We did see them and we were friends with them and they were obviously really nice ones and not the evil kind right. So that's fascinating but yeah that that poltergeist saying again. I'm kind of waning. Well we're almost done here on. Your mind goes blank and i know what it is. It's as creepy creepy. I think it's the most documented poltergeist e house in the world and it's in pontefract west yorkshire and there's films about it is called the black monk poltergeist There's yeah thanks kyle..

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