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A short run down. Check my Twitter and between the brakes at J. R Sport brief. If you want to go ahead and shoot me a holler and the phone number here. CBS Sports Radio 855 to 1 to four CBS That's 855 to 1 to four. C. B s. Now where I want to start tonight. Is seemingly a soap opera in the NFL. This is the story. That doesn't end It just goes on and on and on and on. And so yesterday we had an opportunity. Tioga break down a lot of the divisional matchups that we saw over the weekend. We will have a few more days here to settle into the conference matchups. And, you know, by the time we sit here and have this conversation next week, we will know exactly who is going to the Super Bowl. But for right now There's a lot going on. We'll talk about the coaching hires later on in the show. We'll talk about the general managers and the lack of diversity will get into that. But there is an issue every day that just keeps going on. And that is the Shawn Watson. His unhappiness. With the Houston sections. The team that ah few years ago look like they were on an upswing. One of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. A record a few years ago of going 11 and five looking like that. They're gonna have some success in the playoffs. And so you know, Bill O'Brien, you got a little bit more power. He just wasn't running the show, he decided to start trading away assets. Some of the dumbest moves that you will ever see in your life. He aspired to start this season. Team ultimately goes foreign swell. Romeo Crennel leads them on the rest of the way. Shawn Watson, missing his top receiver and DeAndre Hopkins. He's now in Arizona, catching footballs from Kyla Murray. We move into the our season? Where does Sean Watson is someone who's just recently been a recipient last year off a four year $140 million contract. The Texans have basically locked him up and said, Hey, you are our future. And four men who basically went out and played with a trash team. He led the NFL in passing yards about 4800 he threw for 33 touchdowns. Want a losing team. What would he be doing? If they were winners? He would might. Maybe he'd have those Patrick my home numbers from a couple of seasons ago. 50 touchdowns. Who knows? It doesn't matter right now, because the Sean wants and doesn't want any part of the organization does. Shawn Watson has become a he's leaving. He's leaving trails. He's he's leaving hints that he's unhappy. He's made it extremely kid it clear. The only thing that he hasn't done is gone. The James Round and James Harden round and say, Listen We're just not good enough. He has been active on Twitter. More recently, Bill O'Brien has been gone. DeAndre Hopkins has been going. The Miami Dolphins can be happy with the draft picks they received from Bill O'Brien. You look at Jack Easterby, who used to be a former A chaplain for the New England Patriots. This man is now somehow worked his way up into a football situation. Chief executive here for the Houston sections. And what To Shawn Watson was promised from Cal McNair and the ownership was that he would have at least some type of say so he would have some type of voice he would have some type of influence. And how this team move forward. Wasn't a matter of the end all Beale But he didn't have that He basically had to beg the team. So go ahead and give Eric be enemy. In interview He wasn't even someone considered. They hire a general manager. Nick Osario from from New England. Sean, I know anything about it. He goes on Twitter Right now. He's he's liking images of himself being tied to the New York Jets. He's liking images of himself being tied to the San Francisco 40 Niners. He's tweeting lyrics. About patients, and he's waiting on patients. He's tweeting. You know, instances about how his anger and how upset he was, is gone from a two to attend in comparison. So right now, versus when they traded DeAndre Hopkins. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise for anybody. Because at the end of the season when it was all said and done, the Shawn Watson spoke to the media. And he talked about what the team needs. Right now. This is what he said. I just need a hole cut cord. Trish, If we just need new energy, we just need discipline. We need, uh, structure. We need a follower or a leader. So we can follow that leader. Assed players, Um That's what we need and you know You gotta have, you know the love of just not just a game of football because that's what we do, but Love for people and the people in this organization. We all got to be on the same page is too many different mind in too many different ideas and to many people thinking that they have This power and it's not like that. We need someone that stand tall and this is who we following. This is the way it go. Like I said yesterday after the game and And we're gonna do it this way to win. Shawn Watson is the best asset and most important asset. At the Houston sections half Couple of years ago..

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