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He's on as a guest today to talk about how he's built his show, how he approaches interviews and how he gets the juiciest of details from his guests in a very comfortable and respectful way. And this is a great show for anybody out there who's interested in podcasts and interviewing in doing or having guests on your show or your blog or your video channel. What have you. You're going to learn some amazing tips including one of the most mind-blowing tips that I've ever heard a very long time which Andrew talks about how he was able to get Seth Godin on his podcast, very, very early on in its tactic in tip that we can all use a not to get Seth Godin on, but to get your sort of top influence your in your space to say yes to coming on your show without being sleazy and by providing a lot of value. And he gives, he gives us this the very specific ways to do that that are beyond anything I've heard of before and it's it's pretty genius. So I hope you stick around and listen for that. What you were just hearing was Andrew talking about the first time that he and I spoke, which was when I was invited on mixture g. as a guest, and it was a very nerve wracking moment for me because Andrew is known as a very hard core, very genuine, very honest and authentic interviewer, and he's the one that I go to when I want to get the deep golden answers from the people who are on his show, he just has this way of making. That happen. And so we talk more about that situation and how that was a pivotal moment in my life. And we talk about a lot more things to help you and your business too. So make sure you stick around make sure you subscribe to the show if you haven't already. Let's cue the intro. Welcome to the smart passive income podcast where it's all about working hard now. So you can sit back and read the benefits later and now your host, he studied public speaking by watching over five hundred TED talks and comedy bits, Pat Flynn. Hey, thank you for joining me today in session three hundred and thirty four of the smart passive income podcast. I've been looking forward to this particular show for a very long time because now I get to have Andrew hosts of makes her g. dot com on my show and I'm excited about it too. So I try to ask some really deep questions. And honestly, it's one of the most honest and authentic interviews. I've done in a while. You can just tell that Andrew really wants to make sure that he tells the full truth behind how he got started and what exactly he did to grow his business and really what his inspiration is. So Andrew, if you're listening to this, I appreciate you brother and I look forward to hearing the response from the audience. So for those of you listening in, appreciate you now is the time to put that phone in your pocket or turn that volume a little bit higher in your car or perhaps do a couple extra reps for me at the gym wherever you're listening. Thank you. Enjoy the show Mr.. Andrew Warner. Thank you so much for coming on the SPA podcast today how you doing? I'm doing great. Thanks for having me here. I'm excited and a little nervous because I don't know if you know this, but. When I was interviewed on your show makes her I. It was probably the most nervous I've ever been in my life besides the moment when I asked my wife to marry me really, no, I didn't know that and then I, and then I hit you with one of the most challenging questions in most personally, potentially hurtful questions I've ever asked anyone and I hope that I was able to respond in a way that was smart for who I was and my brand, and I love that you challenged me and today is still the most favorite interview I've ever done because you ask those kinds of questions. And so I definitely want to dive into you especially for all the podcasters in the audience right now. And even if you're not a podcast in you're listening, I want you to pay attention to Halley..

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