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A new ngo who making like little documentaries around around barcelona could we strengthen that translation on weapons with the translation diploma exam in january i've been doing her lots of stuff the big studios it makes a better these circled keti that and it's this great personalizing to learn ceo first and foremost but also allows people working there like lo photographers and i'm like a coup bag company all and and basically this is really cool like network of people doing editorial the editorial stuff so i've been doing loss per treating him translation and stuff yeah since food around that would because of the c does the studioproduced alongside the magazine is an icon work as well or is it like the likes of yet because it was never a design studio they did them it just it's salangi's album you know the secret table mm like the photographer carlotta gallardo who shall front cover and like the a feature on because sexuality and she also said on like found an instagram and then they did the whole i'm together a couple of the videos and and the so carried it that they do other stuff i love the design design things um but yeah they're always doing patty's hours you know shoving strange stories under the noses while they're doing other work and that's great thanks for the the round up about met pidie's an unusually do you have any magazines you'd like to recommend to what do you enjoy reading yet show.

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