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Grade zero targets in sixteen coverage snaps so he clamped down and then he has the highest grade. Dolphins defensive players minimum twenty snaps in manual has an eighty six point one at the top of that list not to get too far into a jakpa. Jason mccourty played seventy four out of seventy five snaps back there so you know we all thought that maybe it was going to be von job right away but mccourty that veteran presence in that lineup knows speaks volumes. Brian floors once back there. And you know. Maybe he's doing some of that communicating pre snap. The giovane haunt isn't quite caught up with so I think it was interesting. The way these safeties were used and also interesting the way You know new england went out there and it seemed to attack them. I mean they know issue going after air fro the no issue going after some of those other guys. So i'm something that we have to keep an eye on moving forward because the buffalo bills are going to be a lot tougher of a task in that new england patriots offense yet Spend a little frustrating. It seems like most the news on again hollow it felt like to meet performance. You didn't really score a lot of points. those drives on turnovers. And i'm gonna keep being that home us. That victor monday barak bulls oregon with three super bowl rings. In the guy's name played three full fricking games. I mean i don't understand it. Goes back to the you know the media saying each shown more in the media where the meetings over tweeting that stuff and yelling about it. You should be re tweeted stuff about how the dolphins played incredibly well at bryant floors executed game. plan perfectly. Bad stuff you should be re tweeting. Obviously and josh work early. This was the radar date. You know this was the game. That like i said i listened to six podcast saying they barely talked about the dolphins. But the people do those podcast. They notice the dolphins winning the dolphins went against off. though everyone's gonna jump right on this bandwagon. I don't necessarily know if. I want that but i mean talk about setting the tone early in the season men looking ahead. It's going to be exciting. Normally one of the first people that loves to you know sign or a different account or even just my own and just bash some of these median. Say something ignorant. But you're right. I think i'd much rather be scooting onto the radar then having these guys. You know all fans the miami dolphins because you know it's us against the world and so far it's worked out pretty well like jake said guys we it's usually against us to. You're right civil war. I mean even right now twitter. It's victory monday. Just beat the new england patriots. And somehow you know. Twitter is up in arms and finding this that nealer thing to nitpick about and i mean it's week one. I mean you shouldn't put too much stock into it. Like jake said guys instead of re tweet in the media every all those pundits add negative things to say about the dolphins. Follow us you know. Subscribe to the podcast libra review. If you're something you don't like feel free to reach out to us again on twitter at haus h. o. U. t. z. At his jake mendel his add his at j. m. e. and eel ninety four light. Jake mentioned we will be back on wednesday. Hopefully the all twenty two will drop by. Then so jacob i can do a deeper dive into this victory over the new england patriots. But thank you guys. So much for listening to this episode of the jake and josh show part of espy nations. Finsider radio. i'm josh. How's that jake mental. We'll talk to you next on. Radio insider.

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