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59 degrees in Boston at six o'clock. Good morning. I'm Charlie Bergeron. Here's what's happening. President Trump expected later today to nominate Amy Cockney Barrett. To replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. CBS News White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy. The president refuses to confirm the reports, insisting people wait for his announcement in the Rose Garden, but he calls Amy Cockney Barrett outstanding. 48 year old Appeals court judge is a mother of seven, including two Children she and her husband adopted from Haiti. Formerly a law professor at Notre Dame. Barrett was confirmed to the seventh Circuit three years ago by a vote of 55 to 43, with three Senate Democrats voting in favor. Republicans say they have the votes to confirm her now before the election, conservative groups and congressional allies already laying the groundwork for a swift confirmation process for Barrett. Covad 19 outbreak in Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston Now at 28 confirmed cases of the virus. Nine patients 19 employees testing positive the hospital now in the process of testing all patients. For the virus. The infection control team feels the outbreak has been traced to too impatient units. No definitive source of the outbreak has been identified. A former superintendent of the Holy Oak Soldiers home and his medical director now facing criminal charges after dozens of veterans in their care died of coded 19 years, W. B. C's Karen Regal Criminal case, there's a victim in this case there were ultimately 76 Attorney General Mara Healey says a grand jury is indicting former Holyoke soldiers home had been at Walsh and former medical director Dr David Clinton. On 10 counts each of criminal neglect A were the ultimate decision makers. They were ultimately responsible for the deadly decision to consolidate these two units. General Haley says she believes these are the first prosecutions in the country to come from a covert 19 outbreak in a nursing home. Karen Regal W B Z Boston's NewsRadio nb a Eastern Conference finals Game five last night, and the Celtics extended the Siri's with 1 21 0108 win over Miami. He'd still lead the best 273 games to two. We'll get to a lot more on that. Coming up in sports. The Suffolk Downs racetrack in East Boston being replaced by a massive development project, which is expected to take about 20 years to complete office space for 25,000 workers, 10,000 apartments and condos. The $8 billion redevelopment. Approved yesterday by the Boston Planning and Development Agency. It is sick. So three protests last night in Boston, demanding justice for Briana Taylor. We'll get to that story coming up. Go check the roads. It's traffic and weather together. We do it every 10 minutes. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes morning and a good morning to you, Charlie simmer, used visibility with fog in some areas. Otherwise, the volume is on the light side. You some caution, though, on 1 28. We had an earlier rollover being cleaned up near the ramp. By 1 35 in the denim area, not sing any big delays on 24 or 95 down to Rhode Island. Route three is okay along the South shore from Plymouth to Weymouth. The expressway looks good both ways. Downtown on seeing any big delays on the lower decks. Zaken, Maura Leverett Connector, The Tobin and Airport tunnels. You're okay north of town 3, 93 and 95 look good up towards New Hampshire. Operative 1 20 eights moving well between Burlington in Peabody Western Town. No delays on the mass turnpike announcing the big delays on 2 90 Rob Hackle is traffic on.

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