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On the five sponsored by seasons in Malibu here's Tim green what I want to take just a second thank the tipsters and the people who were on the five freeway northbound five near Templin who did it follow directions and stay out of the way of the police pursuit you maintain your speed and if they're far enough back can you see the lights and someone being chased are you trying to move to the right but if not just maintain your speed and let them work around you you guys did great all right now let's talk about trouble secular in the US of over the past four or five north bound at Getty center Dr two right lanes taken away it's a near it's a serious injury crash it's a car and a motorcycle the motorcyclist is down south bound in almost the same spot south bend four of five at Skirball center a car blocking the right most lane it is just simply out of gas right now sixty east at paramount we have a new hazard that somebody else who has dropped a bumper bumpers are very hard for a burger dear Santa bumper glue there's bumpers dropped all over the place we have also working right now the ten west at Crenshaw Boulevard this is another hazard and this one happens to be a disabled car whole car both bumpers attached so stuck in the right most lane fifteen south bound before lake in lake Elsinore car into the center divider and then two more cars came along two left lanes now blocked this report brought to us by seasons of Malibu which is a world class luxury addiction and all health rehab center right here in southern California call seasons in Malibu at eight four four five three four hello or visit seasons a Malibu dot com and remember it's okay to say you need help next traffic report it to fifty five I'm Tim green wood with more traffic reports more often K. annex ten seventy newsradio and Tim I'm watching this pursuit at it is C. H. P. behind this car you give yourself a template highway with it so we think this may be a dirt road off of template highway out of you have access it is I do I'm watching it as well and so that the it's no longer affects highway people but as a news item you wonder where he's going to go and how this is going to end well presumably at some place that this person is familiar with usually that's what people do they go back to a place that they know.

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