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And then roger war which We're talking about and they. They're putting on him was that he was charismatic entertaining but when he said things just there wasn't a lot of meat to it now. A lot of substance and just a lot of big budget stunts. So we'll see how that what we think of if that applies to live and let die teaser. I think this our author and i come to these movies for different things possible And then i say timothy dalton then sean connery than the best daniel. Craig do grew this list. Well considering i've seen one. Roger moore movie to sean connery movies. And all the daniel craig. I don't feel very qualified to answer in honestly. Don't care like all three of them have brought a different flavor to the character. And i really. I can't tell you how little emotional investment i have in like. Did he get bond right. Don't care like you do what you want alcohol. Show up as long as there's good stents you know just and as long as i have my dad and my life which i hope to have for a very long time because my dad is a huge james bond fan Like a casual watcher. He loves james bond ends That was like his number one thing that he was really sad about in the pandemic. I mean obviously there like actual things out about Ha but like just a personal thing. That's like this isn't really a big deal but it feels like a big deal to me. Was that time today. Got kept getting pushed back. That's funny. He was so excited while has seen the now. Yeah we went to see it this weekend. And he's like. I can die happy tonight. So should we talk about the movie. We're talking about though living la. Yeah let's talk about. Let's live and let die. live in. Let us try. And figure out this plot summary because foyer platin- james bond movies are there. Something was put it that way in all of them. Natural this one. But this one has some special treats in it Yeah this. I agree with that you know. I have a problem sometimes in movies though with the big reveal not making sense to me. What the block is but like i remember in ironman. Robert downey junior in his first yet sherlock movie toward the end. You know we have this big reveals big speech iron man. We're talking about sherlock holmes but you first-stage downey junior as man okay but did not sherlock holmes will you said ironman robert downey junior sherlock holmes. I think i follow this. I think you're referring to robert downey junior as iranian in sherlock holmes. I just want Yeah we're talking about sherlock holmes because there is kind of a reveal an ironman too. Yeah but yep as in robert g. sherlock holmes movie i remember we gets to the big reveal.

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