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Immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino, Dan Bongino show. This is the special interview tonight with a gas. I've been looking forward to having on for a very long time honored to have George popadopoulos, George. How are you? Thanks so much for coming on doing great, Dan. Thanks so much for inviting me, it's an honor. Yeah. So George you have been a special focus on my show for a very long time. I think you may have heard some of it. I have believed from the start wrote a book about as a matter of fact that you were set up it's not a mystery of given speeches about this. So in the interest of time for our audience. You're the one person they have desperately wanted to hear from get more emails about you than anyone else. I wanna get right to it. I have a list of questions for you. And obviously, you're the subject matter expert because this is about you first question the meeting with Joseph Smith sued the Maltese. Professor, which according to multiple media reports in the FBI, George they they seem to believe this is the start of the thing with this Maltese professor tells you about Russian dirt on Hillary. I guess the easiest question is why did you meet with miss sued you'd mentioned on FOX and friends that the place you a working set up the meeting? I thought that was fascinating you explain a little more about that. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. So. Yeah. So it professor myths. Is a Maltese. Professor just so everybody understands he's not a Russian. Okay. I was working at this organization in London named the London center for international law practice that unbeknownst to me at the time was apparently some sort of front group for ex western diplomats exile, western intelligence types of personalities as well. The legal counsel of the FBI is a director the legal counsel for the FBI in the UK oven Dir som- bay just happens to also be a director at this organization. I used to work for so I hope this organization. Look, I'm joining the Trump campaign. I'm leaving. I'm going back to the US. I'm leaving London. But they all of a sudden told me, but before you leave you really need to come to to Rome with us, and we want to introduce to some people there. So I say, that's fine. You know, I'll go to Rome. It's a three day holiday before. I get back to Washington, and they introduced me to Josef Mifsud at. At this university in Rome called link campus. Now, this isn't any normal university in Rome at the time..

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