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Michael Bauer joins us from NBC News radio could former President Donald J. Trump, who has a permanent ban on Facebook. What could that be lifted? Michael Bauer? What are we finding out? Good morning? Yeah, we're gonna find out for sure. Tomorrow Morning. Nine A.m. Eastern. We're hearing will be posted on the page. Work Facebook incorporated New oversight board. They will be posting the decision on whether or not Donald Trump will be allowed to post again on Facebook and Instagram, some four months after he was banned from Facebook in the aftermath. The January six capital, right this this is there's hope out there right now for Trump supporters who want to see him return to Facebook, based upon recent rulings by that same oversight board now again, this oversight board was created back in October of 2020. It's been called by some is the Facebook Supreme Court of content. They have looked at the quasi judicial body that has looked at a couple of decisions made by Facebook. And then issued rulings on those decisions. And so far of the six cases that they've decided on five of them have been overturning What Facebook's decision Woz overturning that decision, So there's right at this point, certainly, historically odds that might be in favor of President Trump. Having that bands from Facebook lifted on some level again going back to why this all happened. Facebook had ample reason to ban Trump and his 35 million followers, plus the 24 million on Instagram. Over a period of months, Trump used a range of social media platforms. Undermine public confidence in the legitimacy of the 2020 election and then use that same basis for social media to draw thousands of followers to Washington, D. C in January for what he promised would be a wild protest. And then as we've seen footage of, some say he directed the crowd to March on the Capitol, where Congress was formerly counting the electoral votes. Now, when that was all happening in the insurrection was underway. That's when the crux of this all came down because President Trump had posted a video talking about how the election was ripped and stolen from these people that he understood their pain. And Mark Zuckerberg decided that was the time to take that video down and suspend President Trump's account that he was simply flaring up the people that were there. At the insurrection, so he suspended Trump for 24 hours. The following day, Zucker Burg came back and said, the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period or simply too great. That was after five people have died in the ensuing attack after 140 police officers were injured, so they suspended him Now you're about to have this Group of people with your 20 globally diverse academics, lawyers, civic leaders, former prime minister of Denmark and the Nobel Peace Peace Prize laureate all making a decision on whether President Trump will be allowed to return that Facebook and instagram or if he should remain banned permanently. All right. So just a question, though, Facebook Twitter, all social media platforms could be under a really interesting situation here because there's a lot of lies that represented on Facebook and Twitter every single day, and there are a lot of shall we say, miscreants, people that commit crime? That also get on these platforms. They don't have this way You know of, you know, 30 million people or 36 Million people are followers, but they still have this way of a lot of people. In a community where there could be destruction. So what's good for the goose is good for the gander. What if that happens? Could that happen here from these platforms? I mean, it's certainly good and you could look at this and you could say you know that there are elements that need to be people that need to be banned because of whatever it is that they're saying on illegal front or a criminal front on some level. That's certainly a plan here. I think you're looking at your right the number one under the microscope because of the sheer number of people that he had following him. The number one account being that of President Trump's. But look in the case of some of the overturning that have gone on. So far. You have a situation where somebody had posted something about Just to whether or not they may make that same kind of decision here for former President Trump Indeed, all right, we'll see what happens. That'll be at nine a.m. tomorrow. Michael Power Appreciate your time was always from NBC News radio. I'm Tony Cruz contacted us wearing these, along with Scott Fitzgerald isn't looking sports.

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