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The first Gulf Stream race we looked at during our show today and that's kind of where we are with number 8 sees the hay Carlos David the trainer Kevin krigger aboard the son of carpe diem who was 13 to one against tougher competition on the synthetic track last time out and was only beaten a length that day kind of looks to me like a repeat of that race would easily make him the one to beat. I don't know if I want four to 5. You know my feelings on the synthetic track races at Gulfstream to begin with. They are, I didn't think they ever needed to put the synthetic track in there. I'm not a fan of those races. But it is what it is. You play, this is the hand you're dealt, you play the hand, you're dealt, not the hand that somebody else has dealt. And if you're playing this race, that's what you deal with, sees the hay is logical in the spot. I don't know if I want four to 5. They're circling the wagons as they get close to post time for this race. And it looks like they're kind of headed toward the starting gate now. For this race. By the way, if you're continuing to play at Saratoga, going forward, they have the West Point stakes coming up next. It's another off the turf race, which will be after our betting with Bobby presented by Caesar's race book window. Unfortunately, that race off the turf now a mile on the main track and it's down to it was supposed to be a field of ten. It's now a field of three, only three of them going in the West Point over at Saratoga. All right, back to Gulfstream park. I think they are finally starting to make the move from the dirt to the synthetic track, which is what they're doing right now. Once again, they are not racing on turf, all during these summer months at Gulfstream park. And they are hoping to be back and on the turf. I would think for the beginning of their championship meet which traditionally starts the early part of December over the last several years, the championship meet has started with the claiming crown at Gulfstream park. That is a little bit of a change this year. The claiming crown will move over to Churchill downs this year and they like Gulfstream are hoping to be back on the turf by the time that that meat comes around. They're talking about their end of October through November meet at Churchill, Gulf Stream talking about more the championship meet starting in December as to when both of those tracks are hoping to see turf racing again. I don't want to speak for all of the betters because I don't think I ever speak for all of the betters. We can't wait for both Gulf Stream and Churchill downs. To get turf racing back. We want to turf racing back at those two major venues and hope everything goes well and everything safe and we get to see turf racing before the end of the year at both of those tracks. All right, let's get to Gulfstream. They have arrived at the starting gate for race number 6. Once again, an optional claiming starter allowance race, a mile and 70 yards on the synthetic track. We mentioned number 8 sees the hay is the solid favorite he's even money as they move into the starting gate the second choice right now is number two, no man left behind for safi Joseph junior and Edgar zayas coming off a defeat against condition claimers on the synthetic track in his most recent start actually probably taking a little bit of a step up in class today, so he lost against softer last time out. Now he's facing what seems like it would be a little bit better and you have to take three to ones. Don't love the odds on the favor. Don't love the odds in the second choice. This might be just a watch and joy type race for me. Part of betting with Bobby is knowing when to bet and knowing when to sit and wait. This is gonna be a sit and wait race for me. Pete I yellow has the 6 that Gulfstream. And they're off. Picture, perfect beginning. From the outside men on the moon was the way the quickest on the outside of him and cash expressed backing off between sees the hay, sonic kitten stays parked at the rail. He's now a joint third. Creative cloud is next up three wide goes donegan, saving ground, no man left behind, and cadet corps is last of all, and he's about 7 links off the speed of man on the moon. Leonard Reyes in the son of distorted humor, man on the moon, kicked to a three length lead. Cash expresses second the same margin from sees the hay third. Sonic kitten is at the rail races in fourth now, then dunnigan, no man left behind trying to secure a racing lane between horses, creative cloud is shuffled the second last in the trailer is still cadet core. 24 and three for the opening quarter speed. There's less than 5 furlongs to raise. Man on the moon struts his stuff on the top and he's tugging on a clear advantage. Cash expressed and there is pursuer second sees the Hayes third. Sonic kitten is at the rail forth, no man left behind us between horses and dunnigan is three wide at the inside cadet corps and now the trailer, creative cloud. That's the 8 of them as they round the forest turn at the three furlong point. Man on the moon, taking on now by cash express who's a closer second from third at seize the hay winding up from the back cadet corps dropping back sonic kitten, no man left behind just grinding home after three quarters and one 13 and two. There's a quarter of a mile left to go and cash expresses up to take the lead from men on the moon who tries to fight back second two and a half lengths back to the team of cadet corin sees the hay with an 8th of a mile to go. With the advantage now men on the moon in Bolden by the challenge enough to take the lead, but can get corps has getting here's cadet corps from last to first. To win. Man on the moon's second catch express third then sees the hay and no man left behind. Unofficially three 7 9 8 and the 6 that Gulfstream cadet corps flying down the center of the track up and by them all under Miguel Vasquez to get the win. Going to take our final break when we come back, we'll get to the prices at Saratoga and Gulfstream. This is betting with Bobby presented by Caesar's

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