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Lifted off the backs of these business owners because their businesses are going under you wanna talk discrimination businesses are being discriminated against middle americans are being discriminated against we've been discriminated against or getting killed out there in middle america and we finally have a president who is an economic nationalist who is going to put the interests of america and americans first and look at her just look at her she can't behave with even a motor come of civility the reason why she was interrupted and the other congressman wasn't he was directing comments to the chair as you're supposed to she's staring right at him in fact she's even telling them don't you dare leave the chamber excuse me i made my speech i made my point if i wanna leave who the hell are you what are you now my mother my grandmother you're gonna tell me when i can leave a room and when not like i mean you wanna talk about honestly condescending behavior insulting arrogant condescending behavior this is it by the way he's not just a grown man i don't know what his ages i just got a picture of of congressman kelly he's gotta be at least sixty maybe sixty five seventy you're talking to a sixty five year old man like he's some twelve year old child played again britney do me a favor played again played again the gentleman mr kelly please do not leave what don't leave i tell i tell my ashton areva hey i'm not done with you yet come here i got it when i tell you guys to finish your food on your plate you finish your food on your plate he's not some five eight ten year old kid that's a grown man as a sixty five year old girl man that's how you treat them keep going brittany because i want you to know that i am more offended as an african american woman then you will ever be and this business about making america.

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