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In the NFL saw thriller on Sunday night with the Packers beat the bears twenty four twenty three Green Bay star quarterback. Aaron Rodgers was carted off the field in the first half of the leg injury. Returned to the second. Half ended up doing three fourth quarter touchdown passes to help his team. Get to win in late action. Gps over the chargers. Thirty eight twenty eight can't city quarterback. Patrick Mahomes at four touchdown passes. In the win. Broncos beat the Seahawks twenty seven twenty four Panthers over the Cowboys sixteen to eight and the Redskins down the cardinals twenty four to six. Larry Nassar to come forward in the civil lawsuit against the disgraced former sports doctor many victims have yet to come forward and the clock is ticking for those abused by convicted molester. Larry Nassar a law passed in Michigan allowing victims of Nassar who were minors at the time of their assaults retroactive right to sue for abuse. Dating back to nineteen Ninety-seven as for more recent victims those assaulted after June twelfth two thousand sixteen they're not subject to today's deadline. These women are seeking entry into the settlement between an initial group of three hundred and thirty-three Nassar victims and Michigan State University that settlement broken into two groups a four hundred twenty five million dollar portion towards victims who had already come forward and seventy five million set aside for later accusers under condition of that seventy five million dollar fund any remaining money is diverted to the original plaintiffs. Matt Napolitano, Fox News Baltimore police blame a teenager for a brutal killing fourteen year old Tyrone Harvard has being charged as an adult after the rape and murder of eighty three year old door. May Neil Baltimore police say she was beaten and left in her apartment for days. Neighbors became concerned after not seeing her police were called and officers found the woman who later died at a nearby hospital. Police spokesperson calling the attack savage claiming physical evidence links Harbin to the scene. The team has a preliminary hearing set for September nineteenth Tom Graham. Fox News lady Gaga was out the Tronto film festival talking about her role in a star is born when I turned nineteen.

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