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Crowd tonight. That's the crowd dad. Is you know we we know our shit were all over the place. We know a thing or two a about what's happening in various wrestling promotions. So they got the right reactions because they had the right type of crowds. That were in play. And i know from personal experience having been out there in chicago for siham peng's meet-and-greet some years back and we were waiting in lines there Waiting in the lines there I was interacting with various wrestling fans. And you know my guy you know them. Dim fans if felt so refreshing to talk with fans that new their shit. They could either talk. Wwe or ak- talk our wage or they could talk a little new japan. It was refreshing that even some knew what was going on on the women's Seen on for the women's promotions and all that that was bad ask so. This was the right crowd to pull this in front of so. Neural suzuki gray fucking reaction. I'll tell you guys straight up. If you don't know anything about minoru. Suzuki get ahead. Start now you guys pretty much because it was a. Now's dad jon moxley and suzuki they are gonna be clashing on this week's dynamite and a lot of people were concern. Wait a minute are weaving really gonna see this on. Aws turf or is this going to be some type of another new japan setup for maybe one at air pay per views are Or a let's not forget Moxley is isn't moxley now. The new g. cw champion. I think something had went down where he became a new g. Cw champion. They're so people were kind of going. Okay maybe it was going to be minero. Yeah yeah he ended a mac. Cardona championship rang neri short rank because he just won the damn title couple of weeks ago. I don't even think now. Then i'm thinking about it. You guys correct me. If i'm wrong because i don't follow juicy w Hardly but if. I'm not mistaken. I don't even think macro dona l. c. w. championship even two months and he lost it to moxley so You know there's definitely there's a little bit of concern when you saw that. Oh shit is going to be moxley as suzuki. Because you're going well not for nothing. Moxley is already scheduled to appear at a handful of juicy. W shows so you kinda go on his that maybe where suzuki and moxie or maybe going to be throwing down but they are made the announcement later on in the show that this coming wednesday dynamite mosley's zouqi. They're going to be throwing down. If you don't know anything about suzuki. Now's the time and you know especially with the holiday and all that hop on you too. Man what i love about suzuki. He is a straight up shoot fighter. This guy is just. It doesn't get any tougher. it doesn't get any look for somebody. That's just straight up fucking brawler. This is the guy this guy is the real fucking dale and he has one of the most impressive mix martial arts are records These guys are legit. Fighter is a fucking legit fighter. He is a fucking bad as fomer. Bread british heavyweight champion co holder currently of the british tag team championship. Zack sabre Junior the suzuki Gun stable they're over at the P. w. promotion Ref pro rep pro wrestling Revolution pro wrestling Well i mean when you just think of freestyle wrestling you think about that. Catch style type of rustling. Suzuki is the fucking man and just the people that have gone under him to get their respective training and everything. Yeah catch wrestling freestyle straight up. Shoot wrestling this man is a fucking bee's and when you look at his mma record. I mean he's had about he's had about at least maybe fifty fights and this guy has won about thirty of them. Twenty two of them by submission. So i mean when it comes to his submission gain his submission. Game is won't fucking points Again you guys are in for a series street research. Now get on your shit especially if you've got a couple of days off due to the holiday get on your shit now and that way. When wednesday comes around you'll be ready to go when it comes to see him. Moxley and suzuki go at. I don't think you're gonna get a pay per view quality type of matchup between those guys on dynamite. Then again i could be wrong. Could be wrong by. We'll we'll see what happens but hopefully this is like a first opening act of many good things that's going to be to come between moxley As suzuki and if you just kinda following long path there were maybe ultimately mosse is going to get his wish and he is going to be able to get his hands on china. Hashi you know in a w territory. Maybe it automatically will happen right. Fingers crossed economy. Seems like moxie you can make an argument. Seems he's going through his own pillar of jericho so to speak in order to try to get to tonga hashi. Well wait and see how How that katina to Pan out there Let's keep rocking enrolling. We got some more great action to talk about here. We do a pretty good On showtime so far too by the way Next match up. A w women's world. Championship match dr brent baker d m de defeating chris stat lander to retain her championship. Okay look decent match. But i gotta be honest with you guys started off. Good it did. It started off good however there were some spots in this match where i'm going. Jesus christ how are you girls still able to fucking walk because there were i think you guys. That's all to pay per view would definitely agree with me. There were definitely some spots in there where you're going all man that was a cluster. Fuck waiting to happen. All that. Look really brutal. That could've ended so soul differently. You know somebody could have been seriously fricken injured right here. What what what the flying. How man I cringed a couple of times at at some of the stuff that was going on. Excuse me i cringe a couple of times at some of the spots that was going on in this macha Bought they redeemed themselves in because israel. Because it's like you had you had a good start in the middle but then you had a good strong finish. And i think when you look at just okay. We started good. And then you end it good but that middle was kinda. It's like overall you. You did all right. Yes she did. Okay for me i. I felt that the girls had did right. They they rounded out pretty good here closing moments of this one stat. Landers area fifty one. No go as brit. Baker was able to pretty much turned into across. Face that.

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