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Q HD to New York. The eyes and ears to your world Way are the voice of New York 17. W O R an I Heart radio station. It's 37 degrees and sunny. Have one o'clock. Good afternoon. I'm David Folk. Thomas Ah, 39 year old man falling to his death from a Manhattan high rise this morning. It happened around 10 45 at 58 West 52nd Street. That's a 31 story condo building located between 5th and 6th Avenues. Police believe it was a suicide leap. The man's name was not immediately released, and it's not known from what floor he fell. Two police officers are injured when their NYPD as you ve collides with another vehicle while responding to a call in Queens, the collision occurring around 11 30 last night at 37th Avenue and 35th Street in Historia. The front end of the SUV was totaled. The New York Post reports. The two cops suffering minor injuries and were taken to Elmhurst Hospital. There was no immediate word on the condition of the driver of the other vehicle, or what caused the crash. Catering hall in Brooklyn That's nearly 60 years old is devastated by a fire on Christmas night. Show follow reports. His Sheepshead Bay resident describes the scene that unfolded outside Bassett Caterers on Avenue X, and he's 14th Street that will fire trucks on this side of the street on that street. They were at it for quite a while. We heard them working for several hours. 138 firefighters battled the blaze for nearly four hours. Two of them had minor injuries and were treated at nearby hospitals..

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