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New building Chandler public safety training center. Is, an auditorium. A climbing tower more Chandler mayor j tips rainy. Highlights are focused. To continue to provide our residents the finest police. And fire responders, in, the state, if, not. The contrary Chandler police chief Sean Duggan says policing is. Changing all the time this new facility helps provide the best training this will. Help, us meet those changes head on and, really address the. Challenges of twenty first century. Policing not just now but well into the future in October ground will be broken on face to a. New police firing range, Kathy Klein KTAR news Seven twenty five. Now it's detour Dan from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center Vega Jim the crash. List is starting to pick up and it's really no. Surprise, we're, halfway through the seven o'clock hour. You're almost and. It looks like the service streets are taking the brunt of. It only one freeway crash at the moment that's on the. Southbound state route fifty one northern on ramp in that wreck has been moved off to the right so. You're able to enter the freeway without a restriction now However I mentioned the, service street wrecks there's a, bunch now we've got Rex at Roosevelt at eighty three rd avenue seventh avenue north of, the I. Ten seventh avenue and McDowell that's, also off very close to that seventh avenue north yet they may be one of the. Same ninety second street in Shay injury wreck in Scottsdale road at. McDonald's traffic. Rights malfunction good news baselines been. Reopened but, they're still tree debris in the. Roadway baseline east and westbound east of yogurt. Road be careful I'd still at white it personally and you got closures of Scottsdale road deer valley road, to pinnacle peak, for lines down same thing at Pima road north and southbound.

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