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Welcome to the eu's out from the bbc world service signed james tomorrow saami today a first for africare is kenya's supreme court overturned the result of last month's presidential election and calls for a rerun within two months for the defeated candidates raila odinga celebration president that do ruling very very calm from the presumed winner who hurricane yaitah grudging acceptance personally disagree with the ruling that has been made but i respect we'll have analysis of a decision with profound implications for the country and the continent also the un says the number of roe hinge muslims fleeing to bangladesh to escape the violence in myanmar has risen to almost forty thousand and we speak to the usbased indian novelist amitav goche about climate change and coping with future floods all of that after the news hello i marian marsha with the bbc needs kenya's president who can yaitah as he disagrees with a supreme court ruling that declared the recent presidential poll null and void because of irregularities but said he would respect the decision is can yet a quarter kenyans to do the same and remain calm he said he was ready to go to the polls again i personally disagree with the ruling that has been made to jewish but i restricted as much as i disagree with it i respect i disagree with it because as i have said millions of kenyans q made their choice and six people have decided that they will go against the will of the people and you presidential election must be held within sixty days this is the first time in african history that the opposition has successfully challenged the presidential poll result through the courts that been celebration to the opposition camp the leader of the main opposition alliance set alleged irregularities and said members of the electoral commission had committed a monstrous crime against the people of kenya told me a letter perry nairobi told us what irregularities the court had found a lot of the irregularities mentioned was similar to what the opposition party had flagged up which had to do with transparency of the vote tallying as the vote numbers were coming in there was supposed to be accompanying forms or documents that were to verify these numbers and these were not being revealed and that's what the court now says invalidates the vote the chairman of the electoral commission fuller chebba cotti and.

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