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I don't know man I always made the sham vomit blood and shit like what was that about. That didn't seem very nice of her. I guess I was still looking for a bad guy like in the first half of the film was still thinking I guess naively like Oh it's not going to be the old guy. They all hate this old weird foreign guy but he's not actually the evil guy and it was kind of playing going into that like Oh shit. Oh wait it's not him. It's this other person like get it like I'm so smart. I know this movie but in fact I didn't know Shit. They used flip back on you. Yeah it I just right in there and there's so many specific events and when you just try and recall movie I think you you give them a little mixed up because the orders orders important very important as well. So that's again why I would say yes re this movie gotTa Watch twice Scott to do it. You don't watch back to back but so we'll watch it twice. You did more research than I did you alternate ending your you still confused is there no. I don't I don't think the man I don't know it's like every time it's like Like a cute like I got some homework at school in school and there was like a super hard question like I've looked at the question a lot and I know I gotta turn it in and and every time I start thinking about it I just go down the same like oh I try this part three like three. Yeah you're like wait. No it has to be this. I know for sure and then if it was this then this way no but that would fall apart. So can't be this but let's start with this. Maybe maybe it's scenario be. We'll try way within this one. Doesn't that makes sense. It's like that all the pieces and parts seem very hard to fit together right trying to think about the old man like he he was they were going to kill them and I guess he took over all the spirit took over the Shimin but but then the old man was where the is does the spirit just living the air because there was a time when he's like running away from people and he's like under the cliff and you know he's crying and he's just yeah that's the music plays. That's the first time you feel bad for him. Short that you're like going back to the truck and he's like the main Honda to. It's a mentality manhunt. Trying to kill him you're like fuck. But the sham didn't really change his behavior at all all either like no pre imposed possession. Qassim like the same dude. Yeah and while I was watching I originally thought because they mentioned this really cool concept I liked was like that goes sets a bait and you have to take it and I thought the abate was set to the police about the policeman's daughter and the fact that he killed the old man meant he was is going to be possessed be because he fell for he was so Like torn and overwhelmed with it. Not He had to kill that guy for his daughter like he was like almost taking control. He's like I have to like have you do for my daughter have to kill him and I thought after he killed limb like now he fell for the bait and he would be cursed but he never got cursed. Yeah the the anthrax forget now with a COP policemen Easter yeah. She marked them he just sitting there and he. He's like crying something. Oh yeah he's like dying in the last scene but like the whole it's cool because of the scene the whole thing Like the the story of the policeman man is the story that use soom happened with every other family. 'cause 'cause the whole beginning was all these weird incidents of families being like murdered and they're like a has to be like the the husbands the main suspect he killed her whole family and they're like with the heat brutally murdered their whole family and the like. Yeah that's what it looks like. And and then the husband's like missing or something and he ended up being possessed and so in this case the little girl was the one who killed her whole family but it was it was just the same scenario playing out with different households and that you could argue that maybe the white woman just is evil and she plays a role of of Tr- you know I don't know they're all evil like no one ever gets the only time it kind of looks like someone was getting saved as when the sham and was doing his thing The guy seemed to die. Hi or maybe they were just all but if they were in cahoots. I don't know man but then you know maybe within the Korean all the white woman meets the grown white and he starts Pukhan yeah. That's what I'm saying. Yeah.

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