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News this hour from townhall dot com. I'm Gordon Griffin. The White House is expected to start laying out some of President Trump's ideas for a renewed assault on ObamaCare in coming days. The president's decision to revived the healthcare issue has stirred debate. Among congressional Republicans over how best to approach the divisive issue heading into the twenty twenty election this morning and ABC's this week acting White House chief of sat Mick Mulvaney, says Democrats are realizing ObamaCare isn't working is not working even Democrats admit that which is why this week and didn't get a lot of coverage. They introduce their own fixed Bill because they know ObamaCare doesn't work Senator John Baraza, Wyoming says he agrees with the president's criticisms of the current healthcare law. The biggest threat that I see to the freedom and the economy of this country is this complete government takeover of health care, which is where the Democrats are going this Medicare for all with longer lines rationing of care higher taxes, less freedom. That audio is courtesy of NBC's. Meet the press, Robert. Francis, aerobic officially kicks off his twenty twenty democratic presidential campaign or known as Beto the former congressman who represented El Paso for three house terms until a failed Senate bid last year addressed about a thousand supporters in his hometown Saturday before campaign stops in Houston and Austin a work entered the race March fourteenth and had already visited nine states. But it promised to return to El Paso for an official launch. That's correspondent Rhonda rockstar. Authorities say at South Carolina college student kidnapped and killed after mistakenly getting into what she thought was a rideshare car had wounds all over her body rest warrants released Sunday morning said twenty one year old Samantha Joseph and had numerous wounds to her head neck face, upper body, leg and foot. Authorities have charged twenty four year old Nathaniel David.

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