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Now. Todd and Don. Yeah. Thank you so much for joining us, and you can jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five several stories on the table, but you can jump in anytime, as you know, the city's making a big push to find us a homeless czar to deal with all the homeless issues city. Good work. New federal report says Austin's floods becoming more severe. Yeah. The home builder's association of a greater Austin area. Glad David Glenn says, this is this proposals floating around to beef up the areas plumbing an infrastructure requirements because of the flooding concerns concern is that a project is already underway. And so you have a very sick budget that you must have here too. When you factor out. These costs can be very difficult to make that project rival if rules are changed midstream. Yeah. Now, if these rules do get approved Glenn hopes that there is some grandfathering for the current projects. And if notch that can meet some longer, wait times bigger bills for many of the projects in the bottom line here. Basically some. New guidelines are about to be proposed by the city to deal with flood issues. Well, and it's going to add to the cost of building a home. Here's David again. Not really sure what kind of bothering be in there or because they don't have to. But we're hoping that do the relationships that we built with them over time kinda see our perspective. He's not the only one he's concerned along with other builders about the the added cost of building a home the home builder's association of greater Austin's. David Glenn says, the report has some city officials working to get beefed, up drainage and plumbing rules in place. And that could mean trouble for builders already half through construction, though, when you might have thought you needed a ten or fifteen inch pipe, and now they're saying ninety two twenty inch pipe it can be very expensive to go back to the old pipe in the new pattern. So basically, it makes a lot of these projects these long term projects unworkable Glenn says, the hba is working to get current construction projects grandfathered in to prevent that. John Cooley, NewsRadio KLBJ, that's quite a predicament. I mean, you don't want to buy a house. That's you know, can't handle. The current flooding conditions of a city right now, which means it affects the value of that home. There's no doubt. It is an issue. I mean on a larger scale when we look at the horrible flooding unin creek flooding a few years back in that was due to basically the way things were built to put it very simply the way that the drainage works now that it used to drain better doesn't drain as well now. So yeah, there's no doubt. It is getting worse in this town. But always yeah. It's going to cost us money..

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