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Now for the legacy? Watch yeah all right So this is. This is where we are here. We have a visual. If you're watching lung on Youtube if you're if you're not that's fine we're GONNA we're GonNa read it out as we go So what we do here is every week we we put the winners into four different tiers and we see how the each episode is impacting. How people see the winners what tier they placed them in a very curious to see what happens this week with with the legacy. Watch I do want to make a quick note from last week that there were some minor adjustments made to the scores as I said I keep the survey up for the rest of the week after the PODCAST AIRS. But but no no major changes nothing. Nobody's swapped places or anything like that. So all right. Are you able to see this? Andy Yeah Okay. How do you feel about where we stand? As of last week we've got Sandra Poverty and rob up there on the legend Tier. I would put him in there but that's just name. Kim started their premier. She felt. Oh Okay Okay yes okay. I totally get what you're saying. Yes I find that. She's where she is then. Then we have. You'll Tony Jeremy Kim Tyson Sofi Sarah and Natalie on the top tier okay. Well I think Tyson's obviously going to all we have Wendell Michelle Denise Ethan Michelle who actually rose a bit here after after last week's episode Adam and Nick in the Middle Tier Adam fell after last week's episode. Denise should be higher I think. Really good spot. Yeah you know. I initially thought Denise was top-tier Player winner but when I had the audience vote. They placed her more Middle Tier and she's been hovering around there the whole time. I don't got enough content. Yeah I don't know I think that's invisible as good and I don't know I did. It should be a top tier. Yeah I mean why not? Actually I complete window actually fallen from the top tier y when those should be up there too. What I'm finding interesting here is that you're seeing real time how the audience responds not based on who deserves. What but based on what? They're seeing what they're being shown. And so you know Wendell not getting a lot of content has slowly eroded his you know following and I think another thing too is that we initially saw Kim fall from legend here down into the top tier but I think there is also like a rebalancing right like the initial reaction is big in the kind of starts to normalize and come back a little bit so all right so. Let's get to what happened this week. We we can start here at the top or let's start at the bottom. We'll start atop so in the legend. Here we have Boston. Rob leapfrogging over poverty and Sandra back into first place. After this week's episode a strong showing the lie about Adam was very impressive. Yeah and poverty is actually also going to leapfrog over Sandra a bit there so yes. I think some people did not agree with Sandra's cinders call. I think Poverty is I want to see more from brevity gotten a lot of poverty kinds of poverty isn't GonNa say people just really love party but if you actually are a little bit objective like we've gotten a muted poverty this this season so far and I want to see more of our. I completely agree and she has been falling actually because I think because she's been she's been targeted and she is not getting a lot of content. She started out at the top of the of delay tier and has slowly been been falling every week. Rob has been you know a little bit up and down. Sandra started in third place rose up and I was falling back down. So there's a little bit of movement here but they are still very strong up there in the type three. You'll is somebody that briefly briefly had a short a short period of time in the legend here then fell back to the top tier NBA. He's he's playing great and this week. We did see that. You'll is back in the legendary. Yes strong episode from you'll and he has managed to squeeze in now he's really still hovering around the very edge so he could easily fall back down next week if he doesn't get a big episode but but he is really you'll is definitely somebody who by the end of the season might have might be able to solidify spot here all right so here at the top tier. We've got Tony still there okay. Still strong he actually. Tony actually moved up a little bit. This episode people liked what they saw limited to. And I'm not a huge fan and I. I was episode. Tony actually starting to get close to that legend tear line. He's still he's still a decent ways. Away will not a decent. He's still just like he's further than you'll has been but but close enough that he's in striking distance for short then. We have Jeremy. Still there behind Tony in the top tier not much movement from Jeremy. Not Super Close to legend to your pretty firmly at the top of the top tier. After Jeremy is still Kim Kim not much movement this week. We didn't really see much from her. So we initially saw Kim fall quite a bit and then slowly start to work her way up and she's not working up really anymore. I think she's going to hit the limit now so I think from this point if she wants to continue to move up. We're GONNA have to see something more from her. Based on based on what? I'm seeing so then. After Kim we have Sarah Okay is going to jump over Sophie and Tyson And.

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