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And it gets really hot even at the altitude. Because you're a mile up. Yeah it's still hot. We actually this week. It got high. We went from being cold last week. We had a low of three degrees celsius. And gosh. i'm so embarrassed that i don't know fahrenheit anymore. You're in the year in the thirties. The the high thirties at that one. Yeah so that was the low and the high it was. It was really nice during the day. And then this week. I'm already turning the fans on and we say this week. We're recording this in late. February of two thousand twenty one. Just put this on the map for people who are listening some time from now so march april. May it gets really hot. okay get up. It'll be high thirties. It's probably gonna be in the ninety s fahrenheit and that's not my favorite time to come because just saps your energy when it's that hot and then the rains come in about june and the rains are beautiful for the first couple months and then towards the end of the rainy season when you get hurricanes coming through and if there's a hurricane off the coast of the pacific somewhere it just rains like crazy trees fall over you lose electricity for a little bit. It's really nice at the beginning. I'm not sure. If you've heard of the song guadalajara guadalajara and talk about the smell of the wet ground and in june when it starts to rain and you get that first reign of the year and the smell. It's just it's so delicious it's just. It's so typical of here. That i strain of the season and it's really nice but towards the end of the season i get tired. I like the change in the seasons here. The winters very short very brief. I like it for the two months that it's chilly. I never to break out my jack as all my clothing from the san francisco bay area. I haven't taken that out in years. I can get away with sweatshirt. And i still. I know it's not the fashion. But i wear shorts and sandals year round people here a little bit more fashion conscious so i would recommend long pants and jeans but i don't mind you know what i mean. People know gringo. I'll i'll never lose my accent. Excellent there's one last thing that i wanted to mention and that is. What does the guidebook masks or what are they not get right in. Everybody talks about mercados on. Monday does but i think that medicare is so much more enjoyable because of the food in in some of the best representations of the traditional food are in mugabe bustos. I run into the celebrity shafts. I run into all sorts of restaurant people at Bottles where they're doing the purchasing for the restaurant after they get breakfast at their favorite beauty..

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