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The ratings have been increasing drought the season, which is which is what's really surprising like Fox Sports is Mike mall. The hill put out a tweet where he compared the ratings before that that great Rams with the Rams saints game. Or rams. I think the Monday night or the Rams chiefs game, right? And the ratings were up you know for percent before that game. And after that game, which really like caught fire and people wrote about it and introduced to young quarterbacks to it to a mass audience ratings have been up close to double digits, and they increase even more during the playoffs, and you just take a look at the storylines. No mad, you know, all NFL storylines pretty much run through the quarterbacks and you have the old quarterbacks and breezy Brady versus a young quarterbacks in homes and in Goff. And you know, either one that gets through you have to the Super Bowl either older older young young. I mean, they're just great story lines that are going through there. So I think that if you're CBS who has this year Super Bowl, you're pretty much overjoyed with with with the options that are that are sitting there. Yeah, we totally recommend Mike mobile as a Twitter. Listen, he's you know, he's a FOX hawk, but he's a very bright FOX hawk and and tweets out, very interesting. Two things one of the things John if you notice on mobile hills feed that I saw was that the Cable News Network ratings or viewership during the NFL game windows are down a couple of hundred thousand this year from the year before that was pretty interesting. I'm not saying there's a specific Carl correlation between those viewers who abandoned cable news on those prime time windows who went to the NFL. But maybe they did. I mean, it sort of makes you I feel like that's a pretty good logical. Inference? Did you happen to see that one? I don't have it in front of me, but MSNBC FOX CNN down pretty significantly this year during the NFL game windows. Yeah. I mean, the funny thing about ratings there can be a million reasons for why they go up or go down. And and I I always thought that the rise of Donald Trump in all the oxygen. He takes out of the the. The TV ratings really hurt not only NFL, but a lot of other live sports. And there could be, you know, there could be a sense of like people are getting tired of of, you know, the presidential storyline of sorts, but I know this weekend in the northeast in DC, we got lasted with the foot of snow. It was cold. People are inside. They're watching TV that like the weather makes ratings go up or go down. And and the all the stars align for the NFL of the past couple of weeks in terms of ratings going up. And I think that I think that's Schefter tweet about the weather for the Kim City New England game it's going to be, you know, something that people are gonna wanna turn on the TV and watch. So it's I like everything is pointing to monster numbers coming out of the NFL. This is here. Yeah. It's interesting because you know, we we probably talk about that more those of us who write about the ocean and stuff, but whether has a massive impact on viewership, particularly NFL games because the games take place, obviously between September and February. And when you have a really rough weekend in the midwest or the east coast, the numbers, always go up. It really is beautiful day and people are outside. And it's like, I don't I don't wanna waste stay numbers. Go down as as it happens in in both areas, and it's one of a million reasons for why ratings could be going up or down. Yeah..

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