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You had dreams of playing professionally specially with the NBA well what do you do now that story from K. Y. W. said Duncan in a world without a global pandemic many college stars would be working out in front of ME a person now but with the sports world shut down prospects such as Villanova sitting bear finding alternative ways to stay sharp in Maryland because it's kind of tough now because there's not a lot of downed St but I always find ways to do things in my house or go outside and try to find out to record it will be difficult for bay and other prospects with no formal workouts the Wildcats coach Jay Wright says that pales in comparison with what the world is dealing with when it comes to the corona virus crisis that affects us just a little bit so what suck it up there's a lot more important things going on in our world right now speculation is the NBA draft we postponed as the league continues to determine if they can finish its season I met banken KYW newsradio Amazon is giving to delivery companies a break CBS news business reporter Jason Brooks tells us why shares in fed ex and UPS surge tire on a Wall Street journal reported that Amazon is suspending plans for its new delivery service the journal says that the e-commerce giant desperately needs people and capacity to deal with a massive rise in orders from its own customers so what will need to put a hold on it Amazon shipping service which is being tested in select U. S. cities to deliver non Amazon packages a direct threat to UPS and fed ex and now it's time for money news here's a preview of today's markets Wall Street will try to wrap up a holiday shortened week with back to back games stocks are coming off a solid advance which lifted the S. and P. five hundred into bull market territory of more than twenty percent from the low reached last month but Katie Koch of Goldman Sachs says color her cautious slow incremental newsflow has been getting better and hence markets are twenty percent off their lows in volatility had reduced we do think it's probably too early to to call the all clear here the stock market will take a break tomorrow for Good Friday the summer travel season looks like a washout for U. S. airlines as they plan their schedules airlines are cutting service by up to ninety percent through September with travelers expected to remain leery about returning to the Scots can't find hand sanitizer you'd better get used to it even the manufacturers have increased production health care workers are first in line and the plastic bottles used to package it or in short supply with money news from Bloomberg on K. Y. W. I'm Larry coffee when.

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U. S., FED, Reporter discussed on KYW 24 Hour News

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