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Take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley stadium. Nine thirty kickoff. We will be here in till then I am Glenn MAC now joined by Ross Tucker joined by Dave spothero. Good morning, gentlemen. Dave what four hours ahead right now. Dave. And there you go. We are on the bus. It's ten thirty in the morning, and we have Wembley in our sights. There you go. Ross your up and moving right. Just doing kind of the check in with everybody. Yes, I'm here. I am ready to roll I was actually in London a week ago. So I know the routine that Dave is in that'd be an unbelievable day. All right. Let's great. It's a great good. The weather by the way has just I it was rainy early. The weather's been beautiful here. Chilly, but sunny, and it's the atmosphere. I know you've probably paid attention through all the the week here. The number of eagles fans here from around the world is extraordinarily. I mean, it is extraordinary, and hopefully we'll have a chance to talk about that throughout the show. Oh, absolutely. There's been so much stuff that's gone through social media gone viral a guy walking in the Manila Abbey Road. Right. Where the Beatles took the album picture stopping and doing an eagles. Chan all over town buses double Deckers with eagle fans. Look, you guys know because we've seen it over the years and certainly last year on the trips to the West Coast Eagles fans travel better than anyone. I know the Jaguars. This is what their sixth game there. I don't Ross. You were there last week had the Jaguars attracted a fan base. That cares about them there. Or do you believe the stadium today will be seventy five percent eagle fans? Well, it's not going to be seventy five percents eagles fans because it's going to be about fifty percent random NFL teams fan. Right of the people actively rooting, I should've said, yeah. Yeah. Of the people that have a vested interest in this game. I think you'll be ninety percent eagles ten percent Jags. I don't think the Jags have that much of a fan base. Oh, I can speak to is. I was there last year when the Jags played the ravens, and I saw a lot of people from Baltimore around town and at the game and not nearly as many from Jacksonville Jaguars fan travel over for this game. Because they do it every year. I think it's gonna be a lot of eagles fans. And then the Jaguars fans are there for the most part are London Jaguar's fan fan that have kind of adopted the Jags take him over there. Every year. Yeah. Let me let me say this what eagles fans who have traveled from the Philadelphia region tremendous numbers, and they have shown up as we know they show up every week. But what's been really remarkable here is we had four pep rallies. In the eagles fans, spilling out over Trafalgar Square. And it's it's fans who have come from Greece, and from Brazil, and from all across the UK, and from Australia and from Germany, I met a guy from the Philippines, who's about thirty years old and at two o'clock in the morning. He goes on his computer, they have no video and he refreshes his page over and over and over and over and over and over again reading the play by play of the eagles game. So for all of these and I actually met one guy a Scottish fan who was here in eighty nine and ninety one when the team played the preseason games in London. And I was at those games as well. And it was just cool to meet that there's very. Few been to all of these games. But he was there. And I just hearing the stories of how they become eagles fans how they watch the Super Bowl and how they enjoy it every week it's been fascinating. So there's a split of opinion among fans among players among people in the league as to whether the London going over to London every year is a good idea. There is a belief that eventually the league's going to put a team in London. I wanna talk about that. Let's start with a cut from Chris long who apparently is not a huge fan of this idea. Here's Chris earlier in the week. I kind of like routine,.

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