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No one of them had severe underlying conditions. And of all these other breakouts, the media covers breathlessly whether it's Alabama or whether it's Miami. How many of those kids have actually gone to a hospital? The answer is zero. I mean, well, I'll tell you right now, my oldest daughter has it right now. And I, You know, she's she's isolated. We're doing a social responsible, saying she is not going out. She's self quarantining. You know, for 14 days, she feels a little She's a college student. She's 20 years old. She feels and she's lost and taste and smell. But other than that, she's doing all of her schoolwork. She, you know, doing everything from her room, but she's alive and I feel like she's going to be alive. And I don't want to dismiss and trivialize those who did lose their lives. Because for some families, this is a really This is a real tragic thing, and I don't want to trivialize it. But what I do want to say is the over rotation of the protocols and all this stuff that we've all had to do. Was it really that necessary? No, it wasn't were crashing the American economy, nose rubbed the education of tens of millions of Children clear out all of the individuals from Christ in Jewish and all the other hospitals with all their diagnostic treatment. How many women are going to die of breast cancer? Undiagnosed? How many men are going to die? A priced a cancer undiagnosed. How many cancer treatments are delayed and denied its tens of thousands of people have died because of this, and your daughter has a contagious, allegedly fatal disease, and she's doing homework. She's doing homework. Yeah, and he had a bowl of chicken noodle soup that I couldn't taste it, but it felt good going down. Allright. Goodnight leads through this. No cola Frederick Wednesday's a big event. The hashtag once again is let us Play, especially the kids that needed, I would say kids, a tapped in. Withrow needs more formation in their lives than kids at Madeira Deer Park in Indian Hill, they're playing one of the best things I've done is watch my little granddaughter run around on the soccer field. It gives girls this sense of belonging a sense of community a sense of success. We need that We talked about football a lot. But the other fall sports are also being denied. And those kids need help to absolute. You've got your cross country you've got your volleyball and even cheerleading. I mean, they're dedicated to their craft. And and I have a daughter in high school right now. It's a nurse. She's a soccer player. They take on M nd two this afternoon at five o'clock, I'll make a bet with you. Yeah, I'm taking Mount Notre Dame to win a bet you a hot fudge sundae from UT F yur Aunt Betty Because not Notre Dame. The Cougars will prevail over first line, saying Arcila arced line makes no difference Wherever they play. They win high. Put your money where your mouth is Betty to dip ut f hot fudge sundaes on the line Nicola front or get fired up to get ready for Wednesday night. Yes, Let's do it. Let's let these kids play. God bless America. Thank you very much. Let's continue with more. That was Nicole Frederica concerned taxpayer in a volunteer and a mentor at Withrow High School for Kids who needed badly. She's on the right track. Your reaction Next. 513749 7000 Bill Cunningham, the Grand American lives It's from the Reds at it again today. ST Louis Cardinals in town. We'll see what happens is David Bell says. We're about to take off. About to take off going to stay the course. 26 games remain 26 games remain, and they're about to take off for about to go on a run. Maybe to the toilet. It's continue with more go. Cunningham news radio 700 wlw 700 wlw on.

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