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For women to find out how hollywood i imagine female characters yes there was a lot of fantastic writing but also a lot of very sexist trends and a focus on beauty to an almost absurd degree that makes you realize a lot of the problems in hollywood has when it comes to gender start on the page and the director of the teen sex comedy blockers on what her film says about double standards it's about going like why is it so bad for me to have sex life as a young woman are think about sexuality all that after this break from abc news i'm nick roman with the stories we're covering at seven hundred one today's magnitude five point three earthquake in the middle of the channel islands lit up twitter as soon as the shaking stopped here's what kpcc listeners shared with us today from steph la sitting in a three story building at cal state long beach felt a slight rolling for less than a minute l e g con says she felt the quake in valley glen mild and short says at policy speak we felt it in simi valley the building rock gently for a good ten seconds or sell pammy eighty six ninety seven says she felt it in santa ana at bombay cowgirl said the mcpherson building in echo park was swaying for a good fifteen seconds or so we got this from martin j durant who says i felt it here in silverlake my chair swayed slightly from side to side for a second i thought my stomach doc was grumbling hey ch emily says the quake sent the hanging lamp swinging in west hills and at todd battles near lax says he thought this was the start of the big one i'm worry todd it wasn't least not this time share your story.

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