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Ten years of my life? It's still there. So it's very hard to get rid of mercury. And we sometimes find lead also luminance from daughter and to sprint us in actually within our within our office. Suffragettes did a little test myself, and every single person came back, aluminum elevated was a person that was using the order that was a public service announcement right now have aluminum or alum as they like to call it in the fancy brands like the stuff with crystalline things in it in his person, you're doing it wrong. That stuff is linked to all sorts of problems including Alzheimer's. And it's a meadow Conrail dysregulates which is why would be linked Alzheimer's, although it's not the only cause of Alzheimer's, and so you just don't put that in. Armpits because armpits where you put hormone cream. So they absorbed into your system really well Cobb. So use good old fashioned deodorant that doesn't have a lot of synthetic crap in it things with essential oils and natural ingredients. And if you still smell really bad or you're sweating a lot, you have other health issues to get on top of since I went bulletproof, I can go four days without taking shower and I don't grow body odor. And if I eat the wrong stuff, I get body odors. So when you get your system toxicity low and you stop eating things that piss off your got, you actually don't smell bad. That said, I still use the odorant, but it's a very different thing when you're soaking through your shirt and things like that. So something's not quite right, and you want to start looking at hacking your biology so that your your body's comfortable and you don't smell bad because healthy animals don't smell bad unless they really don't shower. Today's regular catching scheduled program? I just wanna say eight days at Birdman eight. Nice. So obviously didn't have you didn't have an RV with shower. I was liberty man this year. But it's, I use it just for those people listening crystal door. I don't know how you feel about that as long as it's not aluminum crystal, you're getting absolutely not. No, no, but it is it's I think it works really well. You don't limit the prescription, but delimit the small. I've sent a variety of healthy deodorants or pit pace out in the biohacking bucks. I send a box at every quarter for people who are just into this up into. I find really cool products. And again, for less it said my website bio hacked be I o HAC key dot com to spend a hundred bucks a quarter and then send you a couple hundred bucks worth a cool biohacking toys and just things I come across. So there's a variety of neat stuff out there that you can find. Just look at the ingredients, alum or aluminum, it's not for putting on your skin or in your mouth. Okay. So you're finding aluminum is an issue but mercury, the biggest issue. And the problem is if we don't eat fish, we don't get the mega three fatty acids in if you're short on EPA and DHA. What does that do your hair? Well, first of all, these are into families that help Flemish in the body. So obviously, as long as you're getting, he don't have a good balance of your magazi- or go into per inflammatory state, which will alternately compound the hair loss issue. So you do want to get those makers, but you wanna try to eat fish that is small. So I think the key is to minimize consumption of large fish. Antunez large sharp is large. Most people don't eat sharp, but you find Starke in supplements. Even here supplements to into be careful to minimize consumption of large fish. At the same time, you could consume fish, but use sardines or other small fish. I'm a big fan of sardines actually or take a supplement with mayor's race. I like to do is only south. It was a mega threes and built professor really interesting when that I think is out if not, I don't know, maybe I just dropped to talk to hint there, but what I do, I eat a lot of sushi when I travel because it's hard to find clean food at restaurants, but you can take things that stick democrat when you eat the larger fish so that it doesn't get absorbed into the body. Things like activated, charcoal bent night zeolite and other key leaders can make a big difference..

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