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The trip. From roads and kingdoms is hosted by me nathan thornburgh. Alexa van sickle is our producer theme music by dan the automated episode illustration by daisy d sound mastering and composing by ricardo gutierrez. Show artwork by adele. Rodriguez executive producers are me and matt goulding also of roads and kingdoms many things to josie holtman and is it kastenbaum of future projects media for help on the state house seen at the top of this episode and ben henry for grabbing sound from that unusual scene. Thank you of course to my comrade. My south dakota man crush. Shane carpenter his photos from new hampshire. Our incredible you can find them on roads and canaan dot com. They are also the basis for all of our illustrations from new hampshire for the show. He and his wife meghan carpenter. Now ron one of the great indian food businesses on the east coast a buddha and kimchi paradise in baltimore. Called heck's ferment thanking. Shane were ditching. Hoji for these days. Rico kick next week. We are getting. Out of america for the last of our pre covid episodes. We're going to barcelona european headquarters of roads and kingdoms and home to another old comrade matt goulding as well as other friends and family and more fantastic things to drink. We will meet you there..

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