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Hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. But it's all solved. Sugar Water Michael, did you give us the year of his inception? What was it? Nineteen fifty, four, fifty four. I guess I guess the story behind his creation He was originally known as I'm pitcher man. So very creative. A slight a slight. Change in his name, but I guess the Creator. Edwin Perkins Kinda came up with the idea. For the face being drawn on his, he saw when it was kids kind of a smiley face in like just condensation on a window, and that kind of sparks imagination transferred over to you know the pitcher on a kool-aid which feels. That Act. Is Something Very It's very childlike and I think it's something that kids can kinda recognize when you see like this, your fingers tracing that outline and psycho like Oh. Yeah, you're. The kid is almost created this person. Out of nothing to a little spark of imagination I thought is. Is Nice but I guess we kind of have to touch on like the Jonestown massacre for a second we don't was. Late. It was aid and flavor, aid and cleaning, fluid and pesticide and anything else. They could find Oh God. There's a documentary that has the footage. The audio footage that was smuggled out of Jonestown. Don't watch it at night. Yeah Yeah. flavor though so where are they? Who's WHO's the giant mascot that's. Now man that is the go bots to the transformers, children's sugar water. Michael, you mentioned the Kool. AIDS or the seven up spot. Beauty, remember there was a video game. The seven up video game apparently, and I didn't know this I was just doing. For the for the for the Genesis, yeah, and I was just doing some research while you were talking and I'd vaguely remembered this. There was KOOL aid man video game for the Atari. Apparently two of them there's one for the television as well. What are you some sort of Rockefeller over there with your television? Mr Rich over Richie rich. No Yeah I vaguely remember it and I think it was sort of like A. Like A. Like a donkey Kong type type adventure. But I think it was terrible if I remember correctly medicine on the Atari. Literally technically have been so good. Yeah, other the your limits are pretty low, yeah! I would like to exclaim that as we were a lower income family kool-aid. Was The Rockefeller drink. It was funny. Face is what we drink. And that seems to be A. Kind of just somebody observed the visage of pitcher. Pitcher man. Who is actually I think. On a craigslist Ad Pitcher manned so be careful. If you go after that, but I would also say While, we were drinking funny face in dreaming of Koolade, I did kind of head cannon kool-aid as being. Indirect opposition and maybe competition from. With the punchy the Hawaiian Punch guy. Oh Yeah Yeah, who who comes up with a character, named just punchy. Punch of the most irrationally violence of all. Persons. PILOT DRUNK? People? That last. At least he's just I. Mean Coolidge just doing willful destruction of property The KOOL aid man does raise disturbing question. Is he the glass, Rusi, the liquid all. ooh That's a comes razor, Kinda the. Cat would be in that pitcher. Harry and he also carries a pitcher. Yeah, what's that about? Is that offspring? I don't know what that is. Established at all of these cereal, mascots, someone cereal and a spokesman. Mascots are all just. There's just this massive orgy that's going on behind the. Is like. Are, Furry. Mascot. Insist We have had an amazing time discussing our mount. Rushmore of fictional prepackaged foods, spokespersons, and we want to think very heartily. Guests competitor Moxy Moxy. Tell us some upcoming episodes of your podcasts are ones that listeners can find currently. Well I. Mean I've got one hundred ten episodes up, so lots of stuff for people to enjoy their everything from the origin of the Vulcan Salute to the history of nursing and the theft of Canada's strategic Maple Syrup, preserve. Yes there was a there is a strategic maple syrup. Reserve end. Somebody stole a bunch of. Oh well with Alice cage. Well those folks. Those topics in more you can find..

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