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Whether the FAA was responsive to the concerns raised by ed Pearson a former senior manager at Boeing's Renton plant in fact he wrote the three time sherry roti in September he wrote he in October any Roach in November and I know you just got on the job but it is just write you letters he sent you extensive information didn't answer on on production problems that he identified at the written facility yes so my question to you is heavy interviewed Mister Pearson we have reached out to Mr person to schedule that's not my question the interview well I know that we have contacted him yes Sir I don't know if I'm not shooting he's sitting right over there will you commit as we sit here today the jewel interview Mister Pearson absolutely what you what you investigate the production problems at the rental facility yes have you done so to date I know that there's ongoing activities through our our our oversight Sir Sir I'm sorry that's not good enough he had a bunch of people over here lost love ones come on have you have you today investigated production problems at the written facility I believe we have I'm not aware of the details so you can't tell us anything about whether he learned anything as we sit here about whether production problems X. detailed in great detail by Mr peers in the letters he sent to you now months ago I mean are you aware that for months before the first crash you brought these problems the bones tension you where that gentleman for months I know that there were a yes that it the concerns raised that's right and you understand that after the line air crash he went up and down the chain at Boeing who is the CEO you into the general counsel went to the border you wear that he sent them letters to all the same things and you know they did they sat on it until the second plane crash that's what happened a bunch more people lost their lives some of those pictures right over there and and so we're sitting here now a year later and either of you can tell me whether you got anything specific on the production problems that he identified four months before the first crash so many give you again give me another chance Mister Dixon has the FAA made any mistakes here but I think that's I think that's evident that we we've got issues that I need to address and that our team needs to address and that we have processes that need to be improved so I would agree with you you can't say that one mistake can all that I was sitting here in it's there I don't want to blame other I don't again not claim Sir expandability we're not trying to okay again I'm accountable senator Maloney of New York questioning acting FAA administrator Stephen Dixon during the house transportation committees fifth hearing on the seven three seven Max disasters the Boeing senior manager who says he tried to warn company executives about conditions at the seven thirty seven plant and written testified to Congress today at Pearson says he saw employees being over worked and told Boeing leaders they should temporarily pause production so they could focus on safety when I would mention that I've seen operations in the military shut down for lesser safety concerns I will never forget his response which was the military isn't a profit making organization Pierson recently retired Boeing says it has enhanced its safety focused following the two crashes and that safety is its top priority is for ten into the hurly exterior sports desk now for another update here's mills warts why we talking about golf right now well is a Biggie going on in Australia it's an individual sport most of the time but over the next four days you have team competition between the United States and the international for the president's Cup only the second time in this series the United States team captain is also playing in that guy's Tiger Woods tunnels jokingly cell would be to play captain I was just get started with you know my my come back in a nice you know no one three German since and so it.

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