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And a Cleveland hotel surfaced. So he's getting a second chance. I'm Joe mixon from the Bengals was one of those guys that's been basically, given a second chance on the heels of domestic violence Ray rice, though, if you remember, right? He was a running back for the ravens in his career was ended because of this and this video of him in the in the elevator. Remember that where he and I actually watched it again. He left hooks this girl. I mean, it's it's pretty brutal. But yeah, that would be the end of his actual career for this. And so do these guys deserve a second chance. Randy welcome to the show. Thanks for calling. Hey, no problem. Yeah. They do deserve a second chance and the difference between Ray rice, and the other two is the NFL had nothing in place at that time in terms of contrition in terms of what these guys had to do in terms of our program they had to go through. So they got Ray rice got eaten up by the media and understand that I'm not a proponent, I chased the guy twenty some miles of the other guys beat the crap out of it because he reached in it headed a girl one time. But if you look at what the NFL has. And what they've gotta do is you're on NFL player has about a three and a half year window, and that's it. But the NFL had no, you know. So you can't wait four or five years for this guy to make amends and put it back. He's no longer a viable for his his chosen career. So the NFL had to put something in place like what Nixon went through like what is going to go through and the Browns won't won't play him until he passes all those NFL things if you look, and you you just saw the recent video Ray rice, and I don't know if you saw the whole video. Did you see the whole video this girl? Slaps him. She spits on him. She it seems she he tries to hold or he tries to talk to he tried everything. I finally just got fed up and Quadra. Now, do I say that's a good thing to do. No wouldn't condone it for the world. But you understand what happened is after all that. What happens is the media gets a hold of one little thing. They show him smacking her. They don't show everything that leads up to same thing that happened with Nixon when you go back and look at the whole video this girl approached him. She started Howard him. She started doing all kinds of stuff on him doing all kinds of things. And so at some point, you know, and and I don't condone it women want to be treated equal. I don't believe in it men and women are different. But at some point you've got to say, okay. The guy did how much to stop it. He couldn't walk away. He's in a bag on elevator. Okay. The other guys sitting in a chair with people all around him at some point. The woman has to take a little responsibility for her actions to Donut..

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