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Throw the santa party now there's there's kind of an ingrained sensibility since ability and responsibility that i think comes with with owning that house knowing it's yours all the tax burdens coming out of washington it seemed like every day new taxes introduced and you know unless you own a home you are really going to have a hard time making it through the tax a jungle i think some people who are right now filing for the first few years you're seeing that that you've got the start with that big item and that is the mortgage interest and that's the single largest thing that breaks most people out from taking the standard deduction to itemize deductions mortgage interest you know it's it's a big enough item without having to have anything you know a lot of what causes those deductions maybe a big medical emergency or you know schooling things where where the mortgage is the steady it's there every year and it gets you into that bracket where you can suddenly right off those emergencies as they happen and and get the tax benefits and for people who are entrepreneurs nothing better than write off part of that houses an office in one of your computers and some of your transportation but you gotta make that leap i have that house the start off that road in the most part but we are you know we're we're seeing a big pickup we've got a lot of interest from home buyers we're getting a lot more traction with their home contracts getting accepted for those of you the kind of are maybe into the home buying process you get out there and you get a pre approval and you start the home hunting process and so you know one of the key metrics we track is how many of those pre approvals are we issuing how many homebuyers are coming into the market and saying hey i wanna get preapproved on wanting to start the house hunting process then the more important metric is how many of those people actually find a house and getting accepted contract you know because we have we have hundreds and hundreds i think we have like eight hundred people last count that are out there with a pre approval notice looking for house and a lot of them.

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