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Friday morning. America's First News continues. It is the twenty eighth day of December. And President Donald Trump says the shooting death of California officer by man in the country illegally shows the need for a border crackdown. A man killed corP Ronald sing in the small town of men during a traffic stop Wednesday over suspected drunken driving standards law county sheriff Adam christianson said the gunman is in the US illegally. Well, I can tell you that the sheriff's office is the lead investigative agency, and we are fully supporting the Newman police department. So even though I'm the sheriff chief Richardson is really trying to keep his team together. And we're there to support him officers saying is the shining example of what immigration in America should be. This is a young man who immigrated here legally it was his dream to come to America. It was his dream to be a police officer. And he worked hard to achieve that goal. And unfortunately, he sacrificed his life trying to defend and protect his community. Newman is very small. It's almost like Mayberry, these critical incidents don't occur and for this law enforcement agency in the history of its existence. This is their first line of duty death, and sir he leaves behind a wife and a five month old child. He tells a little bit about his family. He's got a wonderful family. And I think what chief Richardson. Shared with everyone, your viewers and the nation and even here locally speaks to the character of officers saying and how much he loved his family. I think the photograph speaks volumes to his devotion, not only to his family, but his community and sir. Tell us a little bit more about his dedication to the job. I read that he drove two and a half hours to attend the police academy, which he put himself through he took lessons to learn how to speak English better. So he can move up the ladder. Can you tell us a little bit more about that dedication? He did. And it's an amazing story. He didn't start with the Newman police department. He was a cadet in with the turlock police department. He worked very hard. He was a reserve with Mercer county sheriff's office he pursued his dream and to get through the academy. He was willing to make that commute every day. Courtesy of Fox News. The man suspected of killing seeing the day after Christmas remained at large Friday. Despite a manhunt that suspect considered armed and dangerous. Well, were you affected some CenturyLink customers across the country or without the internet has outages stretched from New York all the way to California and the company said Thursday that its network was quote experiencing a disruption and that it was working quickly to restore services. It wasn't just internet it appears most of the trouble was in the west. The Idaho statesman reports the internet problems led to the temporary shutdown a phone services at the Idaho department of correction and the state's department of education nine one one services were disrupted in Seattle Washington. And there were reports of ATM machines, not working in Montana..

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