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It's been a labor of love of education and fun tickets range of Bryce from thirty to sixty dollars. Cheapskate get the sixty dollar ticket Topo, brother. And symphony center box office. It's dot org. Three one two two nine four three thousand and tickets have been on sale for a couple of weeks now, so get yours before they're gone. So what do we need to do to facilitate this blessing and that much sit take you're doing fine? Okay, ready? Yes. Great. So almighty, God those through the gift of the angels. Right that you made announcements to the world. And so here WGN in this beautiful new studio continued to bless all those who do their work here. And may you continue to have fun. You continue to communicate a great messages to the world and sharing news and bless all those here through the gift of the angels and blessed Mary who's probably the best angel and was probably a fallen angel. So now, but bless them. And may they continue to just bring great joy to all their listeners. Amen. Okay. No way that you can give some church thing. After that. We can all open are hidden those two page. Forty two. Honestly, if you did we might be able to get an offering together here saying. So. You're always welcome here. You know that thank you for the work. You do every day. Great being with you to see you guys. Thank you adjusted. All right here the headlines. Sponsored by town stone financial here is Steve Grzanich. Good morning. Everyone in Chicago this morning. It's eleven degrees. The wind chill is minus five of Chicago. Police sergeant is accusing his bosses of retaliating against him for refusing to change a police report about the shooting of an unarmed. Autistic teen by off duty officer back in twenty seventeen sergeant Isaac Lambert by lawsuit yesterday. They mean he was demoted last month for not reclassifying. The officer is a victim of the incident officer Khalil Muhammad shot. Ricardo Hayes on the south side Laverick believes the lawsuit could make him an unpopular figure within the police department. Dozens of people are still missing after a deadly tornado devastated. Parts of Alabama Lee county sheriff Jay Jones says rescue teams are using everything they can to search through the wreckage including dogs and even heat sensing drones that twister that tore through the area. Sunday killed at least twenty three people and left a scar. On the..

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