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Able to embrace a more positive side of himself. He excelled as a soldier and became a more focused young man, albeit still quiet and reserved he was strong, but lean and spoke with a soft horse voice later described by detective as an old woman's voice. He adopted a pleasant demeanor which mask the scars of his previous abuse. He simply didn't seem like a violent person which would later help him. Void suspicion after five months in the military Fritz passed out during a training exercise. The doctors initially. Diagnosed him with a mild anxiety disorder, anxiety neurosis, but later changed the diagnosis to a condition equivalent to epilepsy. The diagnosis frightened Fritz, and he felt something was irreparably wrong with him. And as we'll see Fritz was examined by doctors and psychologists several times during life and each time was given a different diagnosis this is partially due to the fledgling nature of the field of psychology at the time. Sigmund? Freud's theories of psychoanalysis had not yet become the popular model in the field and mental disorders were not. Well, understood adding to the difficulty mental institutions in Germany became a dumping ground for the elderly and the homeless in the late nineteenth century, which led to overcrowding and poor treatment of patients. It wasn't until twenty years later that conditions started to change soldiers returning after World War One helped to educate the general public about the nature of mental illness. Perhaps if things were different and Fritz have been able to receive more comprehensive treatment at this crucial juncture, his future may not have been so bleak. Unfortunately, we'll never know. Even today. We don't know for sure what mental illness Fritz may have suffered from due to contradictory diagnoses given to him when he was alive at the age of sixteen after fewer than six months of service Fritz was discharged from the army due to epilepsy. He went back to Hanover and his family but returning to his father coaxed for his dark side back into the light by day. Fritz begrudgingly worked at a cigar factory owned by his father Ali he hated being under all these thumb. He began sting out progressively later after work his family didn't ask where Fritz went at night. Maybe they didn't want to know the National Research Council and institute of medicine report juvenile crime juvenile Justice states that delinquent. Behavior can be reduced by placing the offender a goal directed environment. Like, the military many people thrive in such structured environments, but have trouble adjusting to life outside and relapse back into their past criminal behavior. This was the case with Fritz who post military spent his evenings lurking in secluded areas. Most often sellers alleyways he waited for young boys to pass by making sure they were playing alone or on Ahrends for their mothers over the span of several months. Fritz learned many young boys to his hiding spots tucked away dark corners, then he began grabbing and touching them his behavior slowly escalated to sexual assault, the total number of other boys, he assaulted during this period is unknown for its claimed that at the peak of zek titties he committed these crimes on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of his victims did not report their assault publicly discussing. Sexual acts was taboo at the time. It's also probable that the boys dealt with shame and confusion after being victims of rape, especially considering their young age. But in eighteen ninety six when Fritz was sixteen one of the victims told his mother what happened and the police arrested for its after several months in jail. He was released but was arrested again in eighteen ninety seven just a year later for similar fences on his second arrest. Seventeen year old Fritz Harmon was sent to Hanover hospital where he was evaluated by psychologist named Dr Gert schmo. Focus schmaltz diagnosed Fritz as incurably deranged, and he was sent to a mental institution to be held indefinitely. Fritz despise the asylum. He felt alienated from society has punishment only fan the flames of his latent rage. He was only in the institution for a few months before he managed to escape he fled to Switzerland with his mother's financial assistance. Once again Harmon avoided receiving long term psychiatric treatment, which may have been able to help him although due to the psychological standards of the time. It is possible. No adequate treatment was available especially since he was classified as incurable overcrowded institutions in Germany were known to strap troublesome patients down with leather bonds for hours solitary confinement. Sometimes for days at a time was seen as a humane way to deal with the mentally disturbed. It's unknown. What occurred while Fritz was held in the institution, but something happened which traumatized him enough to spur his escape Fritz feared asylums for the rest of. His life upon his final arrest. He declared quote, hang me. Do anything you like to me? But don't take me back to the looney bin and quote, once he had absconded to Switzerland for its worked as a handyman at a shipyard for sixteen months before returning to Hanover under a false name at the age of twenty thanks to oversights by the police, his previous legal trouble and escape had already been forgotten back home for its was eager to at least appear stable with encouragement from his mother. He began dating the daughter of a neighbor earner lowered too were quickly engaged after earn became pregnant with Fritz's child. She later aborted the pregnancy. But they remained engaged not long. After the engagement Fritz began to feel restless in nineteen hundred Fritz now twenty one was called up for military service, which was mandatory for German men at the time he left Hanover as fast as he could. Although. Fritz had been discharged for medical reasons. For years prior the previous illness was regarded as a temporary condition and Fritz Harmon had not had a blackout since leaving the army in eighteen ninety five even so why did he join the army again so willingly it's possible. He needed to get away from legal trouble and Hanover, despite being engaged to earn a Fritz continued to sexually assault. Young boys though with less frequency than before he also begun to make contacts in the underworld of Hanover that engaged in some petty theft. But there's no evidence the police were aware of his activities. The more likely explanation is he simply enjoyed being a soldier Fritz was placed in a rifle battalion and deployed to the Al sation region of France where he served for a year without incident. He later said his times with the battalion were the best of his life and his superiors described him as an excellent soldier and marksman. But the good times wouldn't. Last long.

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