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Of that one bill handle tomorrow morning it's a the play of i am six or more stimulating top johnny can't show john no doubt camp by the and six forty we just talked to the when you're police teeth to play for about all that went down monday in one ear resulted in the deaths a police officer keep hoyer just me can forget patrick a tale who used for the injured officer yeah you just keep listening to what we're telling you hear because i am california department corrections is intentionally being dishonest and so is the los angeles times and i don't know about the television coverage ivan watched it but they are have a lot of voices and outside of ours and were telling you the being dishonest this could have been prevented he's boyer in any other time would've been in jail on pearl violations and would've been charged with further crimes that would've led to further jail time but because of the way proper forty seven was written and because of a be well known i'm and the way was implemented he was on the street when he should've been walked up and that should be the headline that should be the first ten progress of the story and everything else is nonsense the los angeles times wasting a lotta inc on the family members of me here crying i don't care they raised again member they raised a site go cop killer and i don't care about their tears and they're problem so you killed their cousin and a kick yeah could go because that's what he did that first before he ended up and win here so you know maybe twenty years ago they could taken some action and realize they had a cycle child but right now what matters is the family and friends accused boy or the other police officers at the but here police department that's what matters or in terms of the sensitivity and what matters say in terms of news and legally is that eighty one oh nine is an absolute botched it causing deaths it's causing police deaths and civilian deaths.

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