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Should underneath the traditional tshirt the callers always like phrase that come on tucked from your pants in it's like you're now you are falling yeah exactly now these undershirts are under shirts and i love it there backed by the best pair you'll ever where earth's free guarantee tommy john now adjustment needed gary hurry tommy john dot com slash adam get 20 percent off your first order that's tommy john dot com slash adam for twenty percent off tommy don tommy john dot com slash ask all right so marked the real world kind of scenario that you as a lawyer could say this affected the outcome of this election because we'll to interesting that you mentioned this idea that we would know because we live in california by the way i'm i'm declaring so the iris enough tb mostly the fdp understands i'm no longer resident california i spent more than half my time outside of california but nevertheless it's the same calculation that the republicans made in the tax cuts they said we're going to eliminate the deduction for state income tax okay now who does that hit the hardest hits you and me in california it hits a new york resident it hits does not hit florida or nevada because they have no state income tax the machiavelli and would say well they're never gonna win california the never going to win new york florida's in play so this is you know it's going to be a benefit to them nevada's in play rove it's the same thing it's it's micro targeting where you're on the bubble and i think that's what they felt like i were there so eight manifested itself and in what way to somebody who is in a state that was on the bubble and it was just enough to push it over and the trumpster direction how did we how did it manifest itself in terms of.

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